रोपांनाकलमकरण्याचीहीपध्दततााााााााा | simple tree grafting | tree reproduction|

#Kisanwani @Kisanwani: Simple Tree Grafting Techniques Observe how fig trees reproduce from orange fruits. Kisanwani: Cooperative contact number: 8208067006 Email ।: kisanwani.news@gmail.com #Side_Veneer_Graft #Splice_Graft #Whip_and_Tong_Graft #Sadd_Graft #Whip_and_Bridge_Graft #Sadd Grafting types and grafting types include pictures, grafting propagation, fruit tree grafting, budding, bark grafting, and bark grafting. The method of grafting: Allamanda sp. Side connection: Rose. Splicing grafting: some cacti. Saddle grafting: rhododendron and lilac. Evening marriage: all cacti. Splitting: fruit trees. .


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