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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Exploring Flowers of Anza Borrego Super Bloom Original photos and videos by Fyterfrog of the 2017 Anza Borrego Flower Supper Bloom. If you like please; give a thumbs up, subscribe, comment, and ring the bell!! This channel is my Endeavor and jumps around from Make Videos to Nature Exploration Videos. Anza-Borrego Desert SP – California State Parks – State of California Best Guesses ??? 01. Giant four o’clock – Mirabilis multiflora pubescens 02. Pima rhatany – Krameria erecta 03. Arizona lupine – Lupinus arizonicus 04. Brittlebush – Encelia farinosa 05. Brown eyed primrose – Chylismia claviformis peirsonii 06. California evening primrose – Oenothera californica avita 07. California poppy – Eschscholzia californica 08. Chaparral yucca;Our Lord’s candel – Hesperoyucca whipplei 09. Catclaw acacia – Senegalia greggii 10. Teddybear cholla – Cylindropuntia bigelovii ??? 11. Desert lily – Hesperocallis undulata 12. Desert sand verbena – Abronia villosa villosa 13. Desert sunflower – Geraea canescens 14. Creosote bush – Larrea tridentata 15. Dune evening primrose – Oenothera deltoides deltoides 16. Indigo bush – Psorothamnus schottii 17. Narrow leaf globemallow – Sphaeralcea angustifolia 18. Narrow leaf goldenbush – Ericameria linearifolia 19. Ocotillo – Fouquieria splendens splendens 20. Orcutt’s woody aster – Xylorhiza orcuttii 21. Short bannered coastal lotus – Acmispon maritimus brevivexillus 22. Broad leaf gilia – Aliciella latifolia latifolia 23. Sphinx Moth Larva – Sphingidae – Wikipedia 24. Sphinx Moth Moth – Sphingidae – Wikipedia 25. Engelmann’s hedgehog – Echinocereus engelmannii 26. Littleflowered heliotrope phacelia – Phacelia crenulata minutiflora 27. Wild canterbury bells – Phacelia minor 28. Woolly indian paintbrush – Castilleja foliolosa If you liked this video please subscribe give a thumbs up and any questions comments or suggestions are welcome. This is a link to my other nature videos including […]

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  • robert neatherland 1 year ago

    Oh, how I've missed seeing the desert flowers! I used to live in Palm Springs. I now live in Vermont. Personally, I have only witnessed one super bloom . Thank you for sharing this with everyone! It did my heart good!

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