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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I explore the country looking for rad freight. Earning an honest living doing the kind of driving that makes civilized life possible for the rest of us. Join me on my epic journey throughout the US with Frankenstein, my Freightliner, Tom, my GPS, and Spike, my obnoxious cat. Updated daily! Hopefully before noon Eastern Time. === Post Address: P.O. Box 912 Byfield, MA 01922-0912 Web: Twittah: @gluttnous Snapchat: gluttnous CB Channel: 12 (Handle: BossLady) IRC (web interface): IRC client config walkthrough: Google+ (just because): No bookface! Will not have one, will not support one. Sorry. But! There is a fan page. That’s cool by me. 🙂 === Esse v

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  • Bobby Daniel 5 years ago

    when are going to be back in or around roanoke virginia?

  • Louie P. 5 years ago

    You looked so cute when you were holding spike at the end!?

  • OneArmed Southerner 5 years ago

    Do you drive Jesse's truck? or did you sign with malone on a lease/pur? and is the money better??

  • jritter660 5 years ago


  • Sammy Bunt 5 years ago

    and this one too, really cool, thanks so much Allie?

  • oly o 5 years ago

    fancy spike dammm?

  • Phillip Bratcher 5 years ago

    Hay allie my birthday is the 19th of this month can u please give me a shout out on your video on that day please. ! & I love watching your videos on my iPhone I want to be a trucker some oh I for got ill be. ( 44 ) sept.19th?

  • Zena Sue Biggs 5 years ago

    What is the Ding Dong sound in Allie's videos? I've been getting that since my last Rand McNally update but don't know what it's for.?

  • Peter Lokey 5 years ago

    Awesome Video Allie. Please

  • stoolie10 5 years ago

    you must go stir crazy living in that cramped messy ass truck all the time??

  • PAS-N-GAS 5 years ago

    Thanks Allie?

  • DJKing78 5 years ago

    Welcome to my side of the country. :)?

  • Peter: AV.Rescue 5 years ago

    16:56 . Our intrepid traveling correspondent is alerted to the presence of an airport nearby, but is not sure exactly what alerted her. Just that 'something' alerted her. It seemed that there maybe, possibly be, an airport nearby. .. Call it a sixth sense if you like, or an impressive use of observation.?

  • Reverend D 5 years ago

    Thought you might be headed to Phx with that load, I waved! :)?

  • Trucker Wannabe 5 years ago

    Good one …… beautiful scenery!?

  • J.M.Z Productions 5 years ago

    Arizona The greatest state in the union!?

  • Brett Simpson 5 years ago

    5:28 – The best "That's what she said…" response EVER!?

  • Thomas Boese (Wisconsin Rail) 5 years ago

    If you really want to take your vehicle on Amtrak, the only route you can do so is the run between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL. However, the big guy can

  • jbmbanter 5 years ago

    Hey Dorothy, you are a long way from Massachusetts. 🙂 Watched another Youtube a few minutes ago and thought about you. The guys were going to a motorcycle shop to pick up a vintage Harley but the reason I thought about you is that they went through the Lehigh Tunnel. They unlike you didn't speed up the video. LOL!?

  • craig horton 5 years ago

    Alli, highlands at Flagstaff are part of the Kaibab Plateau, which surrounds the Grand Canyon. The area to the South of the canyon, including Flagstaff is at or just below 6000 ft. The North side is as high as 9200 ft. That's really high to be basically flat! Delicious coolness to drive through there in the height of Summer.?

  • Paulo Chaves 5 years ago

    Hello, meu caro, vc utilizou uma m

  • Prof. Guilherme Pires 5 years ago


  • Thiago Gomes 5 years ago

    Caramba, parab

  • joao paulo costa 5 years ago

    Muito bom o trabalho, me ajudou bastante em meu artigo