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  • DeMond Rucker 6 years ago

    Do you still have them?

  • Robert Gwinn 6 years ago

    russssssssssssssssst……get in one an fire er up

  • Radio wild 6 years ago

    An El Camino with a cap is a station wagon. A donut without a hole is a
    danish! RW

  • Veikra 6 years ago

    1:10 Rubber GTO nose?

  • Veikra 6 years ago

    The most popular they got are the ford ranchero and the chevrolet el
    camino. But there was no market for them since they had full size pickup
    trucks you guys didnt get. So people were either buying a car or a pickup,
    and not buying the utes. The ranchero was actually pretty much the same as
    the falcon ute for many years

  • I wish there was a place like this near where i live. Icould spend days
    just walking around looking at everything there. From the title of the
    video i though there was a elcamino with a pontiac front end.

  • tscholent 6 years ago

    Only “Utes” I know are Vinny Gambino’s “Two Utes” (My Cousin Vinny)

  • Pookatube 6 years ago

    Any Holden Utes in there???

  • Robert Gwinn 6 years ago

    lots of great parts eh

  • iremember1977 6 years ago

    that looks likie a very well pick over bone yard

  • y2kxj 6 years ago

    i soo love all theise junk yard videos.. there is only one place around
    here that still has old stuff..

  • Ryan Wegman 6 years ago

    Heaven!! dry, and best of all… NOOO RUST!