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  • john robert 6 years ago

    Those are actually the Olds version of the 215 head. The valve cover
    surface is parallel to the combustion chamber surface. I’d imagine that
    block is out of either the 62 or the 63 Cutlass sitting right there. I
    owned two of them and my brother has three right now.

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    And saw a MINT hood yest, cheap too! Shame… Next trip…

  • CORVAIRWILD 6 years ago

    I couldn’t believe how many there were!!!

  • Bottomf 6 years ago

    love them old cars

  • towrecker 6 years ago

    they sold the 215 tooling to british leyland rover , they were in the 3500
    rover in 79 and 1980 but those cars were doomed in the US market by the
    lucus fuel injection , had a friend hang onto one his dad bought new that
    would not run , car only had like 15k on it , a large walnut tree finally
    got it ;(

  • 1987chevroletcaprice 6 years ago

    sooooo many beautiful cars.. just sitting there going to waste… and so
    many fancy rims nobody wants.. what i would do to be dropped off at this
    junkyard for a full day lol

  • SwPiotrek 6 years ago

    Cool vid

  • ChevyTruckGuy117 6 years ago

    You should pick up a RUST free front fender for that red 79 c20 you have!

  • 66nailhead225 6 years ago

    10:33 66 electra conv. on top

  • Erik Oldfield 6 years ago

    A neighbor of mine has 3 of those boat tail rivieras. Kinda cool Cars
    actually, but ugly in my opinion! I’m more into his nova’s

  • rotorcats 6 years ago

    This place is amazing! I had a 69 skylark sedan with the post.. I think it
    was a custom? Had the fake grilles down low on the fender.