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Desert Gardens


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  • Veikra 7 years ago

    1:15 maybe just a cast iron bellhousing ? hard to tell if it unbolts from
    the vid

  • CORVAIRWILD 7 years ago

    Sounds too invasive for me!!!

  • matthew tipton 7 years ago

    that looks like another well picked over boneyard

  • D4x4Bronc 7 years ago

    i’m feeling some repeats cw…

  • SwPiotrek 7 years ago

    Nice cars.

  • terhhh87 7 years ago

    Do they have a suspension tester on the inspection stations? You drive on
    top of “plates” and the machine Shakes the car up and down. Not side to
    side. The side to side one is used for inspecting joints.

  • matthew tipton 7 years ago

    i sure wish they wouldnt stack that stuff they ruin alot of good bodies
    that way

  • backwoods3214 7 years ago

    our old 3 ton truck at farm no power steering or breks.

  • tscholent 7 years ago

    I know some young couples that would do that for free in exchange for