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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In spite of his young age, Antony Spencer is already an award winning and well-respected landscape photographer. Based out of Dorset UK, Antony often travels to Scandinavia to capture amazing photos of the Aurora Borealis or goes storm chasing in Tornado Alley in the USA. In this video, Antony shares 10 of his best tips for high quality landscape photography. “Whilst there is plenty of shooting advice out there today we are going to look at some classic tips and techniques as well as some less conventional techniques for making strong images.” TIP 1: Minimize camera shake TIP 2: Composition TIP 3: Camera accessories – 5 essential items TIP 4: Perfect planning TIP 5: Less is more TIP 6: Future proof your image files TIP 7: Use different camera platforms TIP 8: Blending images – when necessary TIP 9: Camera settings – get maximum image quality TIP 10: Subject matters – go further and stand out Images for Antony Spencer: More on Antony Spencer: Special thanks to Antony Spencer’s partner of choice Teamwork digital ( Phase One – Try Phase One: Download Capture One: Video Rating: / 5

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  • Joe Rainbow 4 years ago

    An excellent set of tips and of course Antony will recommend you buy his sponsors camera. With a little after thought you might take the essence of what he says and but a camera system that is within your own price range but of decent quality to future proof your images. Look at his images and you will know he doesn't rely on the camera 🙂 A great guy and a worthy professional.?

  • Kevin Foley 4 years ago

    what's the filter system?

  • Saad Emran 4 years ago

    To the point tips. He is a professional photographer, and this video is perhaps sponsored by the company (Genius! right?). So if you expect that there will be no section with some info on the camera, maybe it is time for you to become a professional photographer as good as him, sponsor yourself and make videos on your own without talking a word about anything else.

  • Eskil O 4 years ago

    I enjoi the video. Love it!?

  • MultiTrace22 4 years ago

    How exactly did he did the landscape of the water moving while the flowers were still??

  • Landscapes 4 years ago

    those are indeed

  • Julianne Robinson 4 years ago

    This guy is living the dream?

  • iebad Rahman 4 years ago


  • Ukiah Spiritt 4 years ago

    This was more of a "does everyone like my toy" video.

  • ibanezrg470 4 years ago
  • peter hamlin 4 years ago

    good tips?

  • Chris pilgrim 4 years ago

    oooh, a phase one. Only

  • Austin Cooke 4 years ago

    does anyone know what filter system he is using??

  • Danijel L 4 years ago

    Setting a mirror lock up on Phase One is easy, and yeah, on other cameras it takes enormous effort:)
    Sorry Phase One, Nikon D 800 pretty much killed your Rolls – Royce priced gear…

  • RemekTek 4 years ago

    Why not just secure the strap??

  • halfcastkiwi 4 years ago

    The best camera doesn't make the best photographer.?

  • Sam Fisher 4 years ago

    As a student of phonology, I LOLed at 7:35 XD?