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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] During this landscape photography video, we have special guests Thomas Heaton, Nick Page, and myself come together to share 10 tips to help improve your landscape photography. These landscape tips were pulled from our full photography interview with both Nick Page and Thomas Heaton. Links to their full interviews below. Thomas Heaton interview Nick Page interview Subscribe to PhotographyTV: Thomas Heaton’s YouTube channel: Nick Page’s YouTube channel: Free E-Book | Take Better Pictures Video Rating: / 5


  • Michael Bentz 2 years ago

    Enjoyed this video – Thank you! Something I've been working on: Trying not to be frustrated or discouraged from shooting when you don't get a photo, JUST because you went out. I used to think that every time I went out, I'd come home with a winner… Nope. It's worse when you drive hours to a location, only for the clouds to move in on your milky way. The good moments will come – you may go a couple weeks without a great capture, but don't become desperate and try to force it. That will just add fuel to the fire.

  • mark newman 2 years ago

    Awesome video guys!!!!!! I like em all. Get out there and do it is a good one. And be there when the light is good. As I said, they're all good.

  • Hangs4Fun 2 years ago

    JUST a few more:
    11) Plan your shots (e.g. PhotoPills)
    12) learn how to compose your shots
    13) know your camera settings,see#14
    14) practice, practice, practice

  • William Farr 2 years ago

    Love the alligator behind your RH ear! I have one too!
    Bill Farr…

  • Craig Skoney 2 years ago

    Nick Page seems like kind of a douche, in this video. How did anyone EVER take a great photo before DSLR and Lightroom…??

  • TBM_Kyrosu 2 years ago

    with what camera and lens did you shoot the last photo?

  • Mitchell Willey 2 years ago

    lol 12:15 "take a look at what happens when you create depth", adds a person to the foreground, still no real depth to the picture -_-

  • Scott Welzbacher 2 years ago

    Great advice! I love these videos as someone just getting into photography. My tip is to learn as much as you can about the area you plan on exploring so that you're able to capture an image which will depict that story. Thanks for the videos!

  • ClouderTV 2 years ago

    I use a 10-stop ND for middle of the day photos to get interesting long exposures as a way to fill in my time if I don't have the time to do a sunrise or sunset pictures

  • Joshua Brown 2 years ago

    Great tips. I like how most of them really spoke to the mindset of photography, not just technical aspects. Mindset makes all the difference and is the toughest part in my opinion.

  • jennifer the skeptic 2 years ago

    great but tone the enthusiasm down ..thanks

  • Colt B Film And Photo 2 years ago

    I just started and I need some recommendations. I'm saving up money for the Nikon CoolPix B500

    is that good camera for a beginner

  • Colt B Film And Photo 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tips! I learned a lot! these will be very useful in the future!

  • Piero Serra 2 years ago

    I completely disagree with tip #2. The 'normal' light for landscape photography is not midday light, it's the morning or evening light that all photographers stick to. If you can take good photos in any light that's the real test. I should add, the other tips were all good!

  • Pete L 2 years ago

    Nick Page is one of the best photographers and instructors out there. Great knowledge of the super-technical but the ability to make it easy to understand.

  • Verdon Rocks Photography 2 years ago

    love Nick and Thomas too, excellent way to interview, well done my friend

  • GiRiJuS 2 years ago

    Nick is the best. Really, he is sooo good and professional, his images speaks for himself. The other are just meh… 😀

  • Aldrin Detablan 2 years ago

    great one sub here..

  • Alexander Davenport 2 years ago

    Great video and some great tips….especially the get out and take the shot tip (#1).

    I'd also include "Have fun". Just enjoy the moment of being in the outdoors and be grateful a good image will occasionally come. Others here have noted that you won't always get a good shot…and it can be frustrating. I don't own a car and live in a city, so to get out I have to plan and rent which makes it expensive for one, and SUPER frustrating annoying when the weather just doesn't play ball (like this coming weekend….I'm looking at you rain forecast). But if you plan accordingly with backups and wet weather plans, you'll get something you didn't expect. Just enjoy being in the moment and next time the shot may come off.

  • lenny harry 2 years ago


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