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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from goes on a field trip to Las Vegas, NV to share with you a viewers urban homestead that is growing fruits and vegetables in the Las Vegas desert. In this episode you will get a full tour of this urban homestead, including many of the different edible crops growing. You will discover some of the techniques that were used to make this a bountiful, and productive garden. You will learn how to quickly and easily dig a 3’x3′ foot hole into hard desert soil, how they start their seeds and transplants, how to plant two fruit trees in one hole, some of the best nutrients you can add to your garden, and so much more. You will also discover how standard EMT electrical conduit was used to make garden structures such as a bird netting frame, hoophouse frame and even a trellis. After watching this episode you will learn alot about starting and growing your own urban homestead so you can supply you and your family with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn more about April and her husband at: Video Rating: / 5


  • SLORTA5 4 years ago

    2+ trees in one hole is not a good way to go in my experience. Space them at the minimum distances for a healthier, less stressed and better yielding tree. I think it was just a method of greedy nurserymen to try and sell more trees. I did this around 10 years ago and am currently in the process of undoing it…if I had my time again I would definitely have done it different. The few trees that were better spaced are by far my best yielders and healthiest specimens.

  • Jerry heath 4 years ago

    Great vid. thanks

  • Tural Nuruev 4 years ago

    nice video. ay love USA

  • Juan Lopez 4 years ago

    i also use it for trenching the water lines and etc.

  • Juan Lopez 4 years ago

    jack hammer at amazon cheap under $150 with the attachments

  • V Denise 4 years ago

    Respect for sitting out in the hot sun.

  • goltoof 4 years ago

    I agree about the swimming pool.

  • Jeff Adams 4 years ago

    Did he mean Flavor "Delight" Aprium ? Just picked one up…not familiar with any Flavor Saver Aprium and I have seen bloom pics of the Flavor Delight on homeowners blogsite..

  • ZWATER1 4 years ago

    thank u

  • ardrie 4 years ago

    wheres  your  hat

  • Oma's Thoughts 4 years ago

    In Fl sandy soil. Supplemented with mulch fertilize with miracle grow plants small zucchini blossoms fell off. The only things we have eaten have been peppers tomatoes sweet potato. Everything else died should I use straw instead of mulch.

  • Bromer Pimpson 4 years ago

    Great job bud! I like your hair styles!

  • Cayce Marie 4 years ago

    Friendly tip: try not to ramble, it distracts from your message and is hard to watch. I like watching your videos for content but end up skipping through them and getting annoyed because of the rabbit trails.

  • Christopher Franko (Sr) 4 years ago

    i looooooove fresh figs!!!!!

  • TheSmilingTramp 4 years ago

    Out of curiosity, why raised beds? Raised beds are used to help the soil drain in wet climates so that the plants don't drown.

  • BrandXsps 4 years ago

    HAHA! "It's that easy" just use a jackhammer to dig a hole. And I thought my adobe soil was bad!

  • Miranda Studio 4 years ago

    ha ha! "Do it in the cover of Darkness".

  • Linda Kordich 4 years ago

    What are your monthly water bills?

  • bwo420 4 years ago

    To all vegetarians why only kill plants not animals. Do you hate plants ? 

  • Himself Lee 4 years ago

    Maybe the almond trees did not get watered in the winter?

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