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  • PureEnergy PureEnergy 1 year ago

    OK, this is just ridiculous!!!:). And beautiful. I can't stand it. To me this is more exciting than going to Disney World. And much kudos to the Videographer as usual, but for that last part with that 'third eye' tour at the end. My Dears…is that/are those giant orchids against the wall at 12:23? I bet they are. Can't love it enough guys. That Zen Garden is fine as hell…(OK, maybe not 'hell'. Not as fine as hell. I have to choose my words more carefully. After all, you did say that it's a hundred and fifteen degrees….in the shade….Can't be saying that 'H' word around here…:)lol
    You're kind of a miracle worker to keep those plants so very healthy and happy in them scorcher degrees…
    You da Man.:)

  • "Morning voice"! Oh that why you should like that! Lol

  • vimolly 1 year ago

    Your garden is so amazing. I love the tropical plants and trees.

  • Suki 1 year ago

    Hi Jake, I have been watching your videos as well as Shamus & John’s for about a year now. I live in Palm Springs, Calif, and we get some major heat wrenching conditions here as well. Yesterday it was 126 and it is only June. Everyone around Coachella Valley has the typical rocks & cactus yards. I am from Oregon & miss it horribly as well as Hawaii, which has also been my inspiration. So since I am ‘ stuck ‘ here in the desert for now, I wanted to bring a little ‘ home’ to me. I have learned a lot from you three and each of you have inspired me greatly. So far, I have managed to keep my Hass alive, yes HASS ! At least so far, with shading as you do your Aravaipa, so we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, so far doing okay with typical fruits such as apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples and I have 16 citrus varieties on my lot, as well as guava’s, jujube, figs, pomegranate, mango and grape vines. So I have a small typical house lot, but if your going to have a lot , strategic planting I have found is a key. I am just now in the beginning stages, but it has been a lot of work the last 3 years. I also built a cinderblock planter which is growing amazing huge raspberries, Marion berry black berries from Salem Oregon, Blueberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes and various herbs. When I tell people around here what I am growing in this heat, they cannot believe it. My goal is to help and inspire others to do the same, go vegan, organic, and self reliant. If I can even inspire one family, that is a lot. Just as you 3 have for me. The goal here is to make this CONTAGIOUS and for others to see that even in the most extremes of heat, locations, severe winds, monsoons, what have you, if you are determined, dedicated, diligent ( I love those 3 ‘ D ‘ word’s ) , you CAN make it happen. I am in the process of trying to build a water fall , smaller pond, and a stream like river that reaches across my whole yard. Finding good help is always and issue around this area as I hired someone to help me with it and they ripped me off taking off to Colorado. But I am not giving up. I am a single lady in her 50’s, taking care of a handicapped mother. So I am basically alone doing all of this. If I can do this…….ANY of you can who is reading this right can as well ! God bless you Jake, John and Shamus. I praise God for your gifts and skills He gave you which you in turn are sharing to others as He would have you to do to. PS, you are also inspiring me to get my butt back into the gym, and Karate once again !!! 😀

  • harveyboy45 1 year ago

    Pollinize? I think you mean pollinate. Haha

  • Saeed Kanuga 1 year ago

    Incase lonevity exist , Yours is way.

  • jennifer wilson 1 year ago

    Mr. Mace you have very good history for all your tree and I enjoyed listens to them.

  • tam Le 1 year ago

    Jake should eat some mango the young shoot when they first come out.

  • Aron Lessard 1 year ago

    i am glad your fig came around, good job

  • Neerja Pancholi 1 year ago

    Hey Jake, I watch your videos regularly and even though I don't comment on all of them, I just want you to know that every single one of the videos I've watched has inspired me and put a smile on my face. There is an amazing feeling of happiness and positivity that comes through in all of your videos and I love that! Keep making these awesome videos!! I'm a fan 😀

  • Aaron Morgan 1 year ago

    great job with the garden. i love garden tour videos.

  • J. Verheulst 1 year ago

    When will you be putting on a new layer of woodchip mulch from a dumptruck on your driveway?

  • Zuhair Abdulla 1 year ago

    Hey Jake, why don't you try to plan the Tropical Almond or scientifically "Terminalia catappa". they are very hardy plants that we grow here in the Middle East.

  • Remy Buitenhuis 1 year ago

    love your positiviness, just that! keep it up! and amazing garden!

  • Karen M 1 year ago

    This looks like paradise! That arbor with the grapes reminds me of a scene from Willy wonka where gene wilder eats a leaf while singing "come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination…" awesome job jake!

  • they say 1 year ago

    A grade inspiration right here!

  • Kayla Duong 1 year ago

    How do you get rid of bugs in your garden

  • funkymonkey1200 1 year ago

    how do you water all your trees and plants? i must know.

  • Morning Glory Garden 1 year ago

    Awesome video, I love garden tours and your dogs are super cute 🙂

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