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  • Frank A 2 months ago

    I don't think "budget" but maybe Suburban Landscapes. And, what are the 15 tips – lol. But it's Ok. It's packed with a lot of ideas. Thanks for posting.

  • Nikki Nicole 2 months ago

    Beautiful landscape ideas, keep them coming!

  • Mercy Brooks 2 months ago

    I canr afford to buy those big rocks,big planters. This is for people lots of money.

  • Rosaine Barcelos 2 months ago

    Civilização organizada

  • silvia perez 2 months ago

    Me inspira su vídeo. Gracias!

  • Melita Sagurit 2 months ago

    I love it… Thanks for posting video

  • Natalie Kamla 2 months ago

    How are these ideas done on a budget…who has a budget that can afford those ideas? Even those big pots and the rocks are expensive.

  • Gardening is my life. 2 months ago

    Got idea from your video

  • Citizenship Kingdom of God 2 months ago

    Thanks for posting.

  • Elizabeth Panagiotidis 2 months ago

    Beautiful. But our rocks tones very expensive in South Africa. So for us not cheap.

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