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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 17 Tipos De Cactus y Sus Nombres Que Puedes Tener En Tu Jardin 2020 VARIEDADES DE CACTUS DE JARDIN. ★ MAS VIDEOS INCREÍBLES DE PLANTAS MEDICINALES ASOMBROSAS ★ ————————————————————————– Lista de 15 Plantas Medicinales 💚 De Las Mejores Que Existen y Sus Usos💚 ► ————————————————————————– 🌿 10 Increíbles Beneficios Del ALOE VERA 🌿 Una Milagrosa Planta Medicinal. ►… ————————————————————————– 🌿 ¿Para Que Sirve El PEPINO? 🥒 Beneficios y Propiedades Medicinales. ►… ————————————————————————– 🌿 Propiedades y Beneficios Del TOMILLO Una Planta Medicinal increíble. ►… ————————————————————————– Planta Medicinal La Flor De Jamaica o Hibisco Sorprendentes Beneficios Para La Salud. ►… ————————————————————————– Para Que Sirve La RUDA Beneficios y Propiedades Medicinales. ►… ————————————————————————– LA Planta MORINGA y sus 7 Propiedades Medicinales y Curativas. ►… ————————————————————————– La Pasiflora o Flor De La Pasión y Sus Increíbles Usos Medicinales. ►… ————————————————————————– Video Rating: / 5 Live recording of ‘Long Tall Sally’ performed by ‘Cactus’ on December 19, 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee. This was the opening song of Cactus’ LAST concert ever with all original band-members. Cactus is arguably one of the most UNDERRATED rock ‘n roll bands of all times, very much an under-appreciated band. ‘Long Tall Sally’ is a song written by Bumps Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, and most notably ‘Little Richard’ in 1956 on ‘Specialty Records Label’. **I do not own the rights to this song**


  • leydi landauro pastrana 1 month ago

    Se ven lindas pero al ver solo la flor uno no las puede identificar

  • Daniela Rodas 1 month ago


  • GUSTAVO VASQUEZ 1 month ago


  • Leida Moreno 1 month ago

    por favor ya no pongan fotos en este cel .

  • El Jardin de OFE 1 month ago

    Escribir nombres cientificos

  • Art' Da Rosi 1 month ago

    Olá amiga. ..adorei ver os cactos. ..São lindos. ..Já deixando o meu like

  • kerlin espin 1 month ago

    el de navidad

  • Marcos Vassallucci 1 month ago

    Me compré esta cactus pero el vendedor no sabía el nombre, alguien sabe como se llama

  • Jose Aurelio Acevedo Blanco 1 month ago


  • Jose Aurelio Acevedo Blanco 1 month ago


  • Juana Figueroa 1 month ago

    No cabe duda que la naturaleza es tan hermosa

  • Monica Neira Aguilar 1 month ago

    Gracias por el tip

  • Carlos toro ramoz 1 month ago

    ese cactus ladyfinger no es el que indica y parece de plásticos jejje

  • Alex Castro 1 month ago

    Jim Mccarty on guitar…. fuckin awesome. The overdriven tone on his axe is proto-metal….

  • David DuVarney 1 month ago

    My First Concert!!! Cactus, Spirit , Blue Oyster Cult and Charlie Daniels at the Bayfront Center St Petersburg FLA.. I was 11 or 12. Long Live Rock & Roll!!!

  • neil Santell 1 month ago

    Every guitar player should
    Have the first cactus album,and listen to
    Parchman farm.
    That recording of McCarty is right up there
    With with hendrix and evh.

  • Brian Dietrich 1 month ago

    Holy crap… That guitar intro sounded like EVH's intro to Eruption….

  • stephenn harle 1 month ago

    Did not know a guitar could make sounds like the opening……….

  • Joel Sacks 1 month ago

    Disco, BEWARE!!!

  • Gary Ballanger 1 month ago

    Cactus was the headliner after LIttle Richard backed out of the very first concert I ever saw in Cleveland in 1968 maybe 69 not sure the only other act I remember is McKendry Spring, I think there were 2 more in all. but Cactus rocked I have been a fan since

  • Frank Campbell 1 month ago

    Saw them in Bangor Maine '71.

  • magan 1 month ago

    There is no comparison between Carmen here and him in later years. His time and groove here are solid. Later he lost it and was super sloppy.

  • Lynne Jones 1 month ago

    May sound odd, but Cactus makes me feel safe, homely and protected.

  • Mike Marshall 1 month ago

    Jim McCarty is still active in Detroit he no longer will go on the road. You may not know that Jim started out playing drums and occasionally will get up and play drums at Jam's in Detroit, I always enjoy that part of him. I saw him play drums all night at a really rough dive on 3rd in Detroit with some friends blues band back after Cactus folded.

  • John Damone 1 month ago

    The bass lines are so cool! Wow, full throttle rock!

  • John Damone 1 month ago

    Loud and proud, turn it up!

  • Doug Helms 1 month ago

    Saw them live somewhere in Chicago shortly after they formed. I think there were only 3 of them that night…lead guitar, drummer and bassist – all outstanding! (Wish I could remember more, but, you know…)

  • Mark n Victoria Macham 1 month ago

    Dig it!

  • MissEbeth22 1 month ago

    They did a song- "why do they put my friends in jail? Why dont they take all there phoney laws instead and drop m into t bottom of t sea" ANYBODY KNOW NAME OF THIS SONG/ALBUM ITS ON??

  • Red Gator 1 month ago

    I saw them at the National Guard Armory In Sarasota FL.

  • Michael Wojciak 1 month ago

    McCarty…..played lead on Seger's "Get Out Of Denver". Still rippin it up in the Detroit Area.

  • Arthur F. Scaltrito 1 month ago

    Steve Miller
    Grateful Dead
    Jimi Hendrix
    Temple Stadium, Phila, Pa May 1970

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