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Desert Gardens


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  • Lalo Alvarez 7 months ago

    you need nurse trees

  • Its Me 7 months ago

    great video! ☺

  • Thank you. Thank you. 7 months ago

    What a beautiful face you have

  • Dego Tanzo 7 months ago

    dates palm tree easy to grow, you will get a lot of fruit which you can dry and use it for the hole year. it can handle heat up to 127 F

  • searching47 7 months ago

    You crack me up how all your trees are of the male persuasion…..

  • Darrell Smith 7 months ago

    I grow Pinapple guava here in Canada but sadly it probably would not fruit but the flowers taste amazing! and taste like vanilla ( white petals )
    I think it would grow great for u and everyone would love to eat the flowers 🙂

  • Gracewater Farm 7 months ago

    One recommendation: you always talk about things in the desert, and how things are in Arizona. I realize that's exactly where you are, and that most of Arizona is in fact some sort of desert. However, it would probably be more clear of you said Phoenix or the low desert of the Phoenix area, because that really is quite different from the rest of the state.
    Tucson is close, but even there the differences in temperatures throughout the year is enough to make significant differences. And then we live in the high desert of the SE part of Arizona and completely different there.
    I can interpret what you are saying in my head, but you likely have quite a few viewers that don't understand the vast climate differences in the state.
    I do enjoy your videos though!

  • Ashley Russell 7 months ago

    Plz make a vid everyday.I LOVE THEM.

  • dellasmom 7 months ago

    Sorry to be the barer of sad news, but if your orange tree has thorns, then at some time in it's short life on the planet, the variety that you named, can't quite remember, has died back to the graft.  When that tree starts to fruit, you will be getting wild oranges which are horribly bitter and not even good for zesting as the peel is very bumpy and worty.  I lived for some time when growing up on an orange grove.  All edible varieties of orange are grafted onto wild root stock to improve the toughness of the trees and give the grafted varieties other advantages they wouldn't possess on their own.  And the worst news of all is that if the graft has been dead long enough for the wild rootstock to grow that much, it is pretty much a do-over.  One tip, when you plant that guy's replacement, make sure you don't bury the graft union under the soil when you plant it.  That may have been what happened with this little fellow.  I will tell you that my British great Aunty used to use the wild oranges that were growing at the back of our grove to make marmalade, but I always considered it to be unfit for human consumption…….

  • Dave Em 7 months ago

    Great episode. Loved the orchard. Good advice about sun and shade. Keep it coming. Want that Neem tree!

  • Roxanne Dillie 7 months ago

    Are you going to the Saver's half price sale Monday?

  • parthavi pidaparthy 7 months ago


  • Dalil Midouni 7 months ago

    wow , it just happened that we live in the same climate here in south Algeria , around 120°F which is about 49°c , sometimes hotter , we have 4 big lemon trees , 2 grapes ( one of them is seedless , the other is just crazy ) , and 4 date palms ( which are my favorite , 3 different varieties ) , we have a mango too that's around 3 years old every year it bears only 1 mango , grows halfway then falls , any idea why ? it gets plenty of sun in the morning , and shade in the afternoon

  • thattawan kaewsakhorn 7 months ago

    That new growth of mango is edible. Just want to let you know 🙂

  • Irfan 1234 7 months ago

    Hey there! I've always wondered is it over 100 degrees Celsius there? Or how do you measure the weather?

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