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  • Rene Pavlovic 1 year ago

    6:15 to 7:08 is so creative. Have to do this summer

  • Яна Романова 1 year ago

    Классные идеи

  • Robert M 1 year ago

    If you peel the avocado seed and the lemon seed they germinate much faster and consistently. I have a bunch growing right now.

  • Tsetsi 1 year ago

    Ingenious ideas from Poles for American couch potatoes

  • Natasha Henley 1 year ago

    Whats the point of putting seeds in an egg when your going to put it in soil anyways??? Might as well build a composter thats a much better use for those eggs

  • Kerron 1 year ago

    The effort required escalated quickly.

  • Paul Pham 1 year ago

    strawberry seeds can't grow into trees. they are disfunctional gametes. LIAR

  • lifetodamax 1 year ago

    Lol I love how all of the comments are negative.

  • Александр К 1 year ago

    7:06 как называется музыка?

  • Manjula Prasad 1 year ago


  • Chuf DerVerwascheneBär 1 year ago


  • noyoi ayien 1 year ago


  • noyoi ayien 1 year ago


  • Melrose Macuha 1 year ago

    I did the strawberry now im dead inside

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