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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote I stumbled across these UP Engines in the AZ desert during a recent trip. I did some more research and found this is one of UP’s sidings they use for locomotives not being used. An article states there are 292 engines at this location. The siding is located between Tucson and Benson AZ. Video Rating: / 5


  • Cobb Knobbler 8 months ago

    That's incredible when you think of what it takes to build 1 of those locos.

  • Cobb Knobbler 8 months ago

    imagine the train you could pull with 200 locos!

  • neosomato hypergenesis 8 months ago

    HEY DUMB ASS when you see a car PARKED do you just call it abandoned??? stupid shit brain

  • Harold Reardon 8 months ago

    You are ignorant to use the word 'abandoned'. You should know better and it is nothing more than clickbait crap.

  • Stephen Spilker 8 months ago

    these are not abandoned they are in storage

  • Trainguy15 8 months ago

    but rlly I want to have dem… I would probably derail but I'd still enjoy my time with the engines

  • F. W. Sauerteig 8 months ago

    "Shut=up?" That is the sort of professional, unbiased news reporting i have come to expect from CNN. Shut up? How about you choke to death on a mixed cocktail of dog food, shit, and urine.

  • lottsalasagna 8 months ago

    Rich corporations can do anything they want in America

    You slaves have no say in anything

  • ein Führer 8 months ago

    Good time to collect some train horns

  • Jacob Shick 8 months ago

    If you hold your breath long enough, they look like they are moving

  • SPtunnelmotter 8 months ago

    they do same thing to the workers the u p rr shits on and then kill them off like ken strickland they said he did not do a good job and fucking killed him off and the great utu did not thing to stop the railroad

  • HappyQuails 8 months ago

    My guess is that there are a lot more than 200 there!!!!!!!

  • Fake, cgi really showed up later in the video.

  • Eugene Cooper Jr 8 months ago

    Sheldon Cooper put'em there. Lol

  • Scott H 8 months ago

    These engines that they put out there don't meet the emission standards for California and some other state so they just abandon them not to use again

  • Wipsplash 8 months ago

    Crazy stuff

  • Wolfables 8 months ago

    They are most likely just keeping them there for a bit because they might have a project going or something, If they seriously did that then they would lose so much money.

  • Trainguy15 8 months ago

    noo don't scrap them I still want all them GE's

  • Ronald Ss 8 months ago

    They are in storage be careful they are not abandoned

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