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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This is the 2018 tour of the Cactus Garden. This is the 5th year for Cactus Hoarders, California Edition. Thanks for Watching! Video Rating: / 5



    Olá boa tarde! Lindo lindo lindo! Amei

  • Cactus Caffeine 1 month ago

    Love your yard.

  • Bill Astell 1 month ago

    Real nice tour.  Lovely. Thank you! Thumbs up!

  • 9:14 looks like a Euphorbia Ammak 🙂
    The one you call pluses I think are crassula Capitella (maybe campfire)

    Great video Hank and Gina. Beautiful gardens, very different to mine that's for sure but we have much lower temperatures and (usually) a lot more rain so we can grow far more leafy plants

  • AnimalsAndReports 1 month ago

    Great tour

  • Olga's dreamland 1 month ago

    You have put a lot of work there Hank. Well done. Oh my so many blooms. How beautiful they are. This red flowers are stunning.

  • CrazyCactusCollector 1 month ago

    Wow fantastic collection 🙂

  • Ana Maria R 1 month ago

    Nice big and neat yard.

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