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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Converting your entire property into a lush, edible landscape can be fun and rewarding. Of course, there may be design challenges to overcome. In this video, I show you some plants that I’ve placed on my small suburban lot in order to feature verdant greenery, while also creating some seclusion and privacy. At least 90% of all plant species on my lot are edible or perhaps medicinal in some way. There are the usual berries and fruit trees, from Goumis to Persimmons. But also things that can be used as herbal medicine like St. John’s Wort and Yarrow. New Jersey Tea, Chamomile and Sweet Woodruff can be used in teas. Some things love full sun. But some fruit bearing plants actually do well in shade, such as Jostaberries, Gooseberries and Currants. If you are serious about digging in, I encourage you to check out some of the books featured in this vid: Lee Reich: – Landscaping with Fruit: – Grow Fruit Naturally: – The Pruning Book: Michael Judd: – Edible Landscaping w/ Permaculture Twist: For all of my book reviews: Edible landscaping just makes good sense. And as you’ve seen in this video, it certainly melds well with conventional gardening techniques too. On my property I have 3 sub-irrigated (self watering) beds that are used for my annual vegetable production. And there are some nice raised beds too! #EdibleLandscaping #GardenBookReviews #GrowYourOwn #UrbanGardening #AlGracian #Albopepper #FoodForest ================================== Support and get some cool garden shirts that I designed myself: ================================== Video Rating: / 5


  • Jitter Flicks 1 year ago

    Love your landscape. Did you grow all the edible bushes, berries and all or you bought them?

  • Jacob Downey 1 year ago

    I have been using 22 Gemstones Powder – Nutrients for plants. My peppers are 40% thicker; and spray me when I cut them. Would you be willing to try some and review it?

  • Vegged Out 1 year ago

    Excellent tour. I watched every second. Thank you.

  • CustomGardenSolutions 1 year ago

    Just subscribed. Wow you have so much excellent content. Looking forward to watching your videos.

  • Ronnie & Minh 1 year ago

    Great looking garden!

  • Kendall G 1 year ago

    I'm so jelly of your giant zucchini! I would love to see what you're feeding your plants.

  • Cube Root Farming 1 year ago

    I love your emphasis with a book reference.

  • Tex Gal 1 year ago

    Love your content Al!

  • evanixar6 1 year ago

    What did you use To paint tour peach tress??

  • Jim Johnson 1 year ago

    I subscribed as soon as I saw the mustache lol love it! Great video too!

  • thebiglebenski1 1 year ago

    What a nice permaculture backyard setup! I wonder how those haskap or honeyberries work out for you, mine aren't doing great in zone 8a with our dry summers. Growth is minimal and the leaves are already turning orange. I think they might actually prefer cool and wet summers. Maybe I should substitute them with thornless blackberries or yet more gooseberry bushes.

  • Wow, this is fantastic! What zone are you in?

  • Astrid Prescod 1 year ago

    This is so wonderful!! Do you have problems with whiteflies, mites or aphids? If so, how do you control the pests?
    I am inspired to keep trying. Alot if problems with tomatoes though

  • Love Music 1 year ago

    Are you located in Southern CA?

  • zacariah heim 1 year ago

    what is your ground cover? looks amazingly lush and a nice texture with the edible landscape

  • Case G 1 year ago

    Haven’t been on your channel in a very long time yard looks fantastic cheers happy 4th

  • Riverside Country Club 1 year ago

    Great tour, great garden !

  • Edelina Bacani 1 year ago

    Amazing edible landscape. What is the name of the thornless container raspberry you have?

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