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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 3 BEST Fruit Trees for Phoenix, Arizona. Greg Peterson with join Jake Mace in this episode and they talk edible trees, edible landscapes, and organic fertilizers! Ask any questions you have in the comments below! Friend me on Facebook at Get Greg’s Planting Guide Here: Take one of Greg’s Fruit/Nut Tree Classes Here: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Instagram at “JakeMaceTaiChi” Check out my website at Check out my other YouTube channels at:


  • Michele Dial 4 years ago

    His planting guide is no longer available on his website. Have you created one of your own? I'm in Tucson, but could probably still get a lot of value from one you recommend.

  • Jesse Portillo 4 years ago

    I like to buy Mangos and Avacados Trees

  • Hvens Fury 4 years ago

    Why wood chips? im from the east, where things just grow. Do you have a video to direct me to that info please? Thank you : )

  • Lene Ring 4 years ago

    Where are you guys located? I want to buy some plants.

  • Steven Padilla 4 years ago

    Im going to start planting as well.. But is it ok to plant trees in the summer?

  • INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART Linda Bloom 4 years ago

    Hey Jake:  Love your videos, thank you so much for all you do to educate us all.  In one of your videos Greg mentions "Seamus".  Can you tell us who he is, and what he does with regard to growing in the desert?

  • Mark Gailmor 4 years ago

    Nice video. I just need to find a place like this in Nevada. :)

  • Hudson Meek 4 years ago

    Hudson Meek
    3 days ago · Shared publicly

    Hey jake I have a question. Do you think it is worth getting the aloe vera barbadensis miller Stockton plant? 

  • Cindyfromaz 4 years ago

    I love Greg Peterson!  He taught me so well.  I bought about 13 trees and planted all of them.  They are doing well.  Between the two of you, I've learned so much!!  thanks

  • Curtis Smith 4 years ago

    He is the guy that got me enthused about urban farming.  I got my planting guide from him as well.  I need to get one a couple of those citrus he talks about.  I gave up on the peach because the Grackles get to them way too fast.  Maybe I'll do the Loquats next. Love your videos Jake. 

  • Matt Ieronimo 4 years ago

    another great video. i wish i knew about this place a month ago before i ordered my fruit trees. we are also starting moringa trees this spring. were your moringa trees affected by the frost at all or did you cut them way back before the frost?

  • VeganAthlete 4 years ago

    3 BEST Fruit Trees for Phoenix, Arizona

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