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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from interviews Josh Cunnings of the Boogie Brew Compost Tea Company about Why Compost Tea Doesn’t Work and How it can Improve Your Garden. In this episode, John will ask Josh over a dozen questions regarding Compost Tea and if it actually works or doesn’t’ work in people’s gardens. You will discover the truth about compost tea and if you should use it in your garden or not. You will also learn about a published study that show the benefits of compost tea on growing edible vegetables. In this episode, John will ask Josh the following questions: 00:35 Three Ways Why Compost Tea Won’t Work 02:55 Does Compost Tea Get people Excited about gardening? 04:10 Should a single video on YouTube Judge if Compost Tea is Not Good for your Garden? 06:20 Why are there few Journal Published Studies on Compost Tea? 07:38 Does Compost Tea add Bacteria to your soil? What about adding nutrients? 09:06 Is using compost alone in your garden enough? Or should someone use Compost Tea also? 10:47 Are synthetic fertilizers more nutritious to the soil than Compost Tea? 12:28 Are you culturing bad bacteria when you make Compost Tea? Is it dangerous? 14:47 Does compost tea work because you are watering more? 16:46 Can Compost Tea make an Imbalance in your Soil? 18:04 Is the type of water you use to make Compost Tea important? 19:28 Does Compost Tea grow Giant Crops ? 25:41 Is foliar Feeding of Compost Tea good or Bad? Are you spreading Bad Bacteria in your garden? 27:18 Can Compost Tea be used in Container Gardens? 29:11 Why would someone want to get Boogie Brew Compost Tea instead of make their own? 30:34 Is it fair for someone to test Compost Tea […]


  • afro208 3 years ago

    everything is chemicals.

  • VibrationsfromMirror 3 years ago

    Ha John, You are a trip! Boogie Brew On~ ok lol. Each has a gift to bring ) Glad to see you growing!

  • Jenna Bustillos 3 years ago

    off topic mate but are you Aussie or Brit Hermano Josh? – Super C and Fam

  • evan Johnson 3 years ago

    Howdy. Organic heads. Keep on truck`n or i mean keep on growing green. Lets boogy on. Alright. So I've used bottled microbes for quite a while now. Whether it be in my fish tanks or in the garden. How do you guys feel about bottled microbes . I plan on trying to Boogy Brew , i will have to order it. So yeaaaaaah. What is the Jig on BOTTLED MICROBES. Side note what happens if you bottled microbes freeze on accident??? Holler back. There aint no fooln nature… I like that!!!! Over and out…… Out with oil fuels and in with Hemp based products……..

  • bubba hubba 3 years ago

    Hey John can you please please make a segment on indoor lighting MH/HPS for indoor Vegetable Gardening with live Soils,
    I think a lot of people living in upper North America would appreciate this especially with the long Winters we have.

  • Corrie De Beer 3 years ago

    The hippy is strong in this video.

  • Michael H 3 years ago

    Hmmmmmm, so don't screw it up then?

  • Joyce Ann Warnke High 3 years ago

    It did work great on my peppers and tomatoes! Actually it worked great, but I did start with great quality compost. The manure tea did work much better!

  • Jayson Wertman 3 years ago

    Why don't you just title it 3 way you can screw up tea. misleading? Thanks for the info.

  • djyul 3 years ago

    Great Vid!John and Josh!
    Can worm casts be to old?
    Can i regenerate the microbes?If it has gone dry?
    I bought a couple of sacks that came through the post and it is dry,will this still work?
    And once made,do i dilute it? And how much,ratio?My own compost tea that is.
    I live in Hungary,and am growing 100% organic,made my own fish emulsion and have a small worm farm.Postage will be too expensive to go for your products 🙁 but all help appreciated :)

  • attila fitzpatrick 3 years ago

    Whole point of the video is to challenge the Haters who claim Compost tea is a hoax…hence the title. BB is AACT…bang for the buck can't go wrong with it, and if you wanna make your own, Ole Boy has an open source to the recipe on the BB webpage.

  • MATT551 3 years ago

    this dude needs to chill the hell out haha

  • fexummuk 3 years ago

    Im a gardener. It's my business. I focus on NOT using any chemical sprays at all which can be quite difficult to convince the client at times. After 12 months they begin to see and realise the damage cause by years of spraying. When we spray we add nicitanoids to the soil which do not break down and build up over time. It is said a farmer will use 4 truckloads worth of nicitanoids per year. Testing has found suburban areas contain approximately 10 truckloads worth per year. They are now finding glyphosate in mothers breast milk due to the amount of chemical being taken up by the food, not because they are drinking round-up. And so on and so forth.


  • wv1973 3 years ago

    unsubscribed .. sorry

  • Matthew Niedbala 3 years ago

    He says ass a lot

  • Anthonee Alforque 3 years ago

    idk how people can call this dumb, this video helps people… just because some people (or trolls) make their own tea too does not mean everyone else can or wants to. Not everyone wants to have a bunch of 50# bags of amendments sitting around at their house or especially apartment. John is just trying to help people who are not in the know… i guess haters are always going to hate.

  • Craig Page 3 years ago

    Did you seriously just make a '3 things' video nearly an hour long? Do you do this on purpose?

  • Eleanore Rosanova 3 years ago

    Can you please lose the profanity? Ladies happen to watch your show and Elderly!

  • Shane Corning 3 years ago

    This guy knows his stuff. I have three Giant Potter Hot Pepper plants with "Worm Poo and charcoal" mixed right in to my soil. Organic Granular pockets. They're going crazy they are one giant rootball. Unreal. To say it hurt the plants would be not using your eyes. Hahahahaha. HERE are two other folks on my own post that agree that Compost Tea does wonders. HEY if you want to make your own that's fine and I see someone saying they would rather make their own. Great. BUT not all of us even have the location, the time, whatever the case may be to do such. Anyway? Here is link to my thread – –

  • Tim Perkins 3 years ago

    I think this doco overlooks the potential for ceremonial and spiritual uses of this ancient drug, to favour a sensational emphasis on its sad abuse in slavery and exploitation. Belladonna alkaloids can expose the awesome nature of our senses and how our minds can simulate what we notice in people & their faces so we see convincing hallucinations, and it may enable people to imagine the past or distant places better by exaggerating small suggestions from the present & local. It is a serious and profound drug, spiritually & intellectually fascinating; not for partying, & someone with experience might well exploit the vulnerable – at doses where they are so far away they don't even suspect their delirium is drug-induced. I didn't remember I was on it until 8/9 hours later!

  • wkgm11 3 years ago

    what these fuckss threw it down the toilet……… Vice bring back Hamilton < if hes not dead> We want to see the effect on someone we can trust not these fuckers

  • Dɑɛɗʀic Eรpɑʀɗɛʀ 3 years ago

    when does it wear off like how long

  • MrMosbyOfficial VEVO 3 years ago

    I fucking love this drug dealer, he seems like he'd really be chill and psychopathic at the same time

  • Byron Sims 3 years ago

    Columbia is trash. a poor excuse of a country.

  • Byron Sims 3 years ago

    Don't do drugs. they will ruin your life and make your daily routines a living hell!

  • The sun is bright 3 years ago

    Ha ha, this dude is fk. crazy. "Its airbone but not enough".

  • paras kompanos 3 years ago

    i used o belive this like 4 years ago now i think what kind of bullshit is that

  • emre turk 3 years ago

    That last bold guy was such a badAss… fucking hell man.

  • Nicolae Cojocaru 3 years ago

    the dude in red car sounds like escobar

  • Davidson Giles 3 years ago

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  • Fabrizio Pignataro 3 years ago

    Gringos can't survive in Colombia! Colombia is a place for real mens! no pussys allowed

  • Blank Space 3 years ago

    oh-wow! almost sounds like the "Saturn-Moon Matrix!"

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  • Tommy45564 3 years ago

    In the USA it's called….Voting for Hillary.

  • Don Nicoy 3 years ago

    We got lot of that here in Philippines, its called TALAMPUNAY, however its not considered as drug, yet there are reports that some suffered from near death experience taking such substance.

  • Aaron Leos 3 years ago

    this is NOT just in Colombia, come on Vice! Do your research and you'll find out that datura is also widely used in France or many other countries. And by the way, Colombia is not "fucked" as your reporter says. I feel so much safer in medellin than anywhere in the US (guns, shootings, racism on blacks, on whites, first carceral population of the world, polution, no health care, guananamo, etc… ). and if you wonder I am European and have been to many places, US being, by far, the worst. Even herbil in Irak felt safer and more tolerant.

  • guiltless 3 years ago

    i don't want to do this

  • brain box 3 years ago

    its called Datura in india

  • Patricia Isaza 3 years ago

    Hey Duffy you are so dumb the only thing you found it about COLOMBIA are the DRUGS…you poor idiot…please don't come back…and please keep publishing these videos so dumb ass people like you dont even think or coming to COLOMBIA, we dont want you there….

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