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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote #droughttolerantplants #30bestdesertlandscapingideas #droughttolerantlandscaping 30 BEST DESERT LANDSCAPING IDEAS – DROUGHT TOLERANT Be Intentional with your Backyard If you’re going to try something out of the ordinary, be intentional about it. Make it obvious that your desert landscape is planned, not accidental. These barrel cacti, planted in matching blue planters and lined up in rows, add architectural interest. Using planters like this is one of our favorite desert landscape ideas for backyards. Make the Environment Look Real One way to make your backyard look natural is with rocks, which are a natural feature in desert landscapes. Rocks also serve another purpose: They give the eye a place to rest. Picture these cacti without the rocks. They’d seem like a big jumble without any focal point. Consider Mulch Wood chips, shredded bark and compost are out. Stones, gravel and sand are in. This looks more natural for a desert yard/garden—and it drains quickly, so plant stems won’t rot from a wet mulch piled against them. Mix it Up An easy way to add visual interest is to mix plant shapes, colors and sizes. You can lay them out in a regimented design, such as this one, or group them in more natural-looking vignettes. Go Native What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, if you live where there’s plentiful rainfall. But this home is in Las Vegas where landscape watering is often restricted or banned. Be kind to the environment (and save money and maintenance costs) by using native plants—those suited to desert conditions. For instance, you could substitute stone mulch and patches of succulents for the lawn grass seen here. Create a Stage Desert landscapes often include smaller plants without the visual stopping power of, say, a large shade tree. Give them a stage in your […]

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