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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Lyf Uninterrupted takes on their first 30 day desert boondocking challenge in the beautiful desert of Arizona. This is our first time boondocking for this amount of time and we have some tips, tricks, hacks and cost savings to share with you along the way. Free BLM camping in Arizona is plentiful and we plan to take advantage of what’s available in Quartzsite, Parker and Lake Havasu. The Southwest offers some of the most beautiful and wide-spread (open) BLM camping you can find. How did we fare on propane, water, food and electricity? We’ll share it with you along with what it costs us to do this. Imagine having the beautiful, expansive, open desert as your home base for 30 days. Best of all, it’s FREE camping! Living in the desert may sound challenging to some, but it’s something we are absolutely loving. Boondocking doesn’t have to be scary, it just has to be planned for, especially if you plan to do it for a longer length of time. Brian removed our regular RV toilet and put in place a Nature’s Head composting toilet. This has allowed us to boondock, off grid, for a lengthy period of time. It has allowed us to conserve water and significantly reduce the need to dump our gray tank. Watch the video to find out how we’ve been able to boondock without needing to dump! If you have questions about boondocking on BLM land, here are the rules: #boondocking #rvlife #freecamping We are Brian and Shawnna, a full time RV couple who enjoy full time RV living. We are empty nesters who recently quit our corporate jobs, sold our home and auctioned off just about everything we own to live a simpler, more purposeful life in […]


  • Lyf Uninterrupted 1 month ago


  • Deb Conness 1 month ago

    I make my own wipes , but thank you for all the other tips..

  • Connie's Final Quest 1 month ago

    I make my own wipes. Mason jar, Ivory soap and a conditioner of your choice with a wash clothe. Better and a lot cheaper. Store the wash clothe in the soapy Mason jar.

  • E Wood 1 month ago

    This is when I feel like SUCH A GIRL!! I’d love to have a rig, but I’d be lost trying to figure out how to keep everything maintained alone :((

  • a. Phillips 1 month ago

    What a great life!!! Ever had any scary situations with other people in any of the campsites? I sometimes hear of this.

  • Lyf Uninterrupted 1 month ago

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  • Tammy Taylor 1 month ago

    So not back on keto yet?

  • joe viljoen 1 month ago

    Baby wipes with some hand cleaner (I prefer the alcohol based types that you just leave to dry) sprayed onto it works wonders too on those smelly areas. Take care of that problem by killing the bacteria that causes the smell.

  • d crow 1 month ago

    Wipes are chemical..use bounty and dr brommers homemade wipes.. You can utube it! Good Luck

  • Freeway Flippers 1 month ago

    Never thought to get a bladder to refill water. We usually refill when dumping. Ours held 80 gallons fresh.

  • MrYeshuaisyhwh 1 month ago

    Haha you two are adorably awesome!

  • DougD 1 month ago

    Hi 1st time, great Video, may I ask how much you had to pay for the BB Batteries. Were you able to get a discount? Do you feel they were worth the price?
    Thank you, Dd

  • Marcia Cummings 1 month ago

    Love the water bladder tip!

  • Rebecca Kennedy 1 month ago

    Coyotes?? Scary kiddys!

  • Mindy Robertson 1 month ago

    Another great product is Lume deodorant. Lasts for 72 hours and IT WORKS!!!

  • Dennis & Janice Teague 1 month ago

    No advantage to me, but I suggest you search & check out the "Hour Shower" on youtube..
    If you implement it, you'll immensely reduce your water usage & decrease grey water.. regards

  • Done Dennison 1 month ago

    We only do vacation boondocking right now, but I wash dishes with vinegar. I don't even rinse. If you have a fire, you could burn the paper towels once they dry. It'd reduce your trash.

  • John Wren 1 month ago

    Nice! Thank you.
    While you account for what you spent while you are there (minimal as there's not much there), you take for granted the $$$$ you spent to prep, stock and get to Quartzite.

  • Shawnee Sisneroz 1 month ago

    Another great video

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