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  • Cyber Mixologist 5 months ago

    1500 is pretty good but 2000 is better esp if you can add few line items to boost main rate

  • Always Working 5 months ago

    Did he just call pavers patio stone?

  • Eulises Flores 5 months ago

    2 cents Always carry atleast 4 pieces of full sheet plywood… make your own road turn a big trailer onto a driveway. Or mud

  • Christopher Brown 5 months ago

    Keith is the MAN

  • Baileys Landscape Maintenance LLC 5 months ago

    Hey guys. Off topic. I was watching some older vids from keith for plant i.d. check out dirrs manual of woody landacape plants if you ever want to know about a tree or shrub. Still cant find a good all inclusive on annuals and perennials but i'll keep looking.

  • Ethan 5 months ago

    You deserve more subscribers!! Id love it if you could message me or contact me via email, im 19 and looking to start out in landscaping. Im a laborer at a local Garden Center, but a larger scale business. I learn a lot. Ive been binge watching your videos for insight, id love some advice!

  • Dillon DeClue 5 months ago

    Do you plan on using a mini skid like a dingo for that demo or just all manual labor?

  • Mr Vera 5 months ago

    KEITH KALFAS!!!!!! Hey my brother, I have a request!? I am looking at taking my business more legitimate. Can you do a video on how to go about covering the legalities and the formalities of making a business legitimate..?? Where to go what to do etc etc etc. you’re like a brother to me my friend, let me know if you can help?

  • H and J lawn care 5 months ago

    You’re a bad ass Keith!! But how did you came up with that number? I usually do $60 per men Hr and estimated for how long and add a 20% on top . Thx

  • White Oak Farm 5 months ago

    Can you please call me?? Here is my email.
    Thank you!

  • R1 motovlogger 5 months ago

    Saw you at Walmart today dude!! I got real excited and wanted to say what’s up but didn’t wanna interrupt you and the wife!! Keep it up man my cousin just started his own business all because of your motivating videos

  • Derek Schaff 5 months ago

    Always interesting to see how others bid. So much depends on where you live and the neighborhoods you cater too. You can't be afraid to bid higher. It's better to go higher than to bid way too low and screw yourself and lose money while your at it. We all started with those learning curves. I just did a job as a subcontractor for a local business for a 16yd mulch installation and planting almost 70 plants. The company charged $9000 approx for the job, paid me $2000 to for the labor to do it. All material provided by them. Seemed good for $1000 a day. Took 2 days. Lesson here was I would of never have come up with $9000 for this job I would of been lower for sure. So don't be afraid to bid higher. People expect and budget for work that is more involved. You can always work down a little but you can never go up once you agree on a price.

  • People online are saying the ditch witch damages the lawn? I googled it “does ditch witch ruin your lawn” and people were complaining. So…. but it was unclear. And not the ditch witch itself. Similar machines. What is everyone’s experience?

  • italian fighter 5 months ago

    I do flat quotes, but I get quite a few customers who want it itemized. They want to decide based on line items if they want to remove items to reduce price or add items. Kind of frustrating when they muddy it up.

  • 1500/day

    Plus material costs additionally??

    How did u break down the 1500 a day?

    What if i just did it all myself.

    Or w one helper?

    And it took me 4 days

    How do u suggest i bid it?

    On this job, id rent a dump truck.

    Currently rocking the mini van. But know the work. And won’t downsize a big job offer, cuz of any reason

  • Pablo Salas 5 months ago

    I do painting, there is some custumers that likes itemized quotes, some time they ask for multiple quotes with a lot a variations on the same job.
    I learned the hard way. Now I look for the low hanging fruit and leave those customers for some one else.

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