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  • Rashaad Walker 1 year ago

    I like your truck

  • Shawn S 1 year ago

    That tax credit is 100% to whatever organization you give it to, there is a list of the different organizations that you donate to, and then the State of Arizona allows that dollar amount to be written off on your state taxes.

  • Gary Smith 1 year ago

    If you are driving your butt off why is she telling you when you have to be home

  • robert corey 1 year ago

    watch you all the time like seeing were you going lets me see the states that i will never see so fell prod for what you show people it helps me throw each day keep on trucken keep blue runnen

  • Marc Meyer 1 year ago

    what pisses you off the most with the truck you drive?

  • Ricardo Dozier 1 year ago

    yeah that is extremely hot !!!

  • Steven Calice 1 year ago

    morning you

  • bill bob 1 year ago

    was reading filling tires with nitrogen will keep the cooler,but proper tire pressure will work as good. Also said in same artical that nitrogen dosen't keep them cooler,so who knows. nascar uses it.

  • bill bob 1 year ago

    The one thing I miss about az. besides the weather in winter,is super taco's form jack in the box.

  • David Hanner 1 year ago

    that key chain you having hanging by your mic wire keeps making a lot of clicking noise

  • David Rhoads 1 year ago

    why don't your Qualcomm automatically go on the drive line everyone I have ever used does if it doesn't I guess you can run all day and nite

  • P. Brab 1 year ago

    Is your ADL hiring out of Az? I should give him a call. Safe Travels brother.

  • P. Brab 1 year ago

    Are you to go off duty when loading for E logging purposes? Can't recall.

  • Joe Thompson 1 year ago

    Good afternoon (now evening) JBG. I know you were (are) behind on the comments, just wondering if you saw the one I left about my name suggestion for your new tire thumper? If you didn't see it, I'll send it again. Be safe. Peace.

  • Thomas Joy 1 year ago

    How do we stop the tires from exploding ?. We put FREON in our tires instead of air.

  • Morris Harper 1 year ago

    i understand that in parts of the Arizona area they use recycled tires for the pavement.

  • Ken Gill 1 year ago

    That's why it's so important to maintain the correct tire pressure. the lower the pressure, the hotter the tire gets.

  • you heading towards Tucson Arizona. my home town

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