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  • Soula leon 1 month ago

    Due to your channel, I have started gardening. Not easy but I'm putting in the time. Thank you

  • Raindrops09 1 month ago

    All of them are perennials?

  • Raindrops09 1 month ago

    Hi Laura! These shade plants would survive at zone 5 in Utah-USA? Thanks!

  • Slydeeze81 Dizzle 1 month ago

    i hate boxwoods lol….
    great vid!!!!

  • Maria Welling 1 month ago


  • Roby Tatti 1 month ago

    I have a front yard exposed to nord west but partially cover by our house. The soil is usually very wet. I live in north Florida. Would you recommend the same plants?

  • Mrs Upchurch 1 month ago

    Have you done a video about planting along fences? I’d love to plant alongside the fence inside our backyard, but the part nearest the house is full sun and the back half is shade. Not sure which plants to choose.

  • skeeter9280 1 month ago

    Wonderful! I also appreciate you providing the information in a concise format – with beautiful examples. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • Maseed Maseed 1 month ago

    Thanks! I was really a beautiful video. Tomorrow morning you will find me in the nursery and I hope I will find at least one of these beautiful plants if not all. Thanks again.

  • Ciara Stout Zabolotney 1 month ago

    Thanks for this list! It's very helpful. So glad I found your channel!

  • Jolie Sciaccotta 1 month ago

    Did you ever grow Monkshood?

  • Jade W 1 month ago

    Not sure this will help anyone, but Toronto is also zone 5, and we did get to 39°C+ (102°F) this summer, but we get rains weekly, often a couple times. I have Little Limes in full sun (7:30am ish all the way to 6pm in the peak of summer, then dappled or semi-shaded in the evening) and they do amazing. Limelight are prone to chlorosis more easily it seems (quickfire much less so) and around here we have seriously alkaline clay soil (8.5+pH) which doesn’t help and is a battle you won’t win if you don’t amend much. So they grow well in full sun here, but amend the soil A LOT before you plant so you can better add sulphur/time-release fertilizer etc into the soil, because the clay will compact down and then you have a difficult time amending/adjusting pH/fertilizing without damaging roots.

  • jlaudio1979 1 month ago

    Silly question but where do I find what zone I'm in? Des Moines, IA.

  • Julie Eubanks 1 month ago

    I need the comprehensive list lol. I’m looking for a colorful full shade plant that would go under a large oak tree and behind a rock wall. Is there a web site that you can put in you plant criteria and it gives you suggestions? I use to ask my mom but she has passed away. I love your channel! Thank you!

  • greekphilosophy 1 month ago

    Hi Laura! LOVE your videos!!! Are there any rose bushes that I can plant in a shady area?

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