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  • Peter Errie 1 week ago

    Do they have coffee in those places

  • Cervantes Baptist 1 week ago

    Thanks for the tips

  • Bharath Krishna 1 week ago

    I fully enjoy this video

  • Jay Orton 1 week ago

    Is it wrong of me to say that I want to go to Frankfurt alone just for the tasty desserts?

  • Konrad Mroczek 1 week ago

    This guy goes everywhere, eats the best cakes and ice cream and never gets fat. Meanwhile I eat half a carrot and I gain 2 kg despite being on the treadmill 3 times a week. Life is not fair 🙁

  • Oliver Weber 1 week ago

    Good job, you really covered all the dessert basics in Frankfurt. The only outlier are the Schnecken, but I concede to you that they are very good. Quite typical all over Germany is Streuselkuchen, or Krimmelkuch in Frankfurt. It must be fresh (it becomes very dry very quickly) but it's delicious.

  • peace and love 1 week ago

    You would go crazy in a Mexico City bakery store, there is nothing like it in terms of variety of sweet breads. Go visit.

    And that is not including the hand made sweets both both, hot and sweet, just sweet, fruit based, Mexican candy, Mexican artesan ice cream and water based ice creams, etc etc

  • Siegrid Thomas 1 week ago

    Oh, do I miss all of what you are trying in Germany…..I get homesick.. in the US I miss all that..

  • Jorge FP 1 week ago

    1:01 a fly!!!!

  • Silina Adams 1 week ago

    Lived in Germany for over two years and I have been to Frankfurt many times, never knew they had so many unique dessert options. Thank you I will try these out when I visit in March !

  • ShiningB1ade 1 week ago

    This was a very interesting video about German desserts

  • Alex Z 1 week ago

    I love zeit fur brot!! Thanks for the recs, binging all your videos now haha

  • Cashmere Funk 1 week ago

    Yoooo famma= famliy love all cupcakes you eat ,one day iam comin over there with you..lolo

  • NIKI JIKI 1 week ago

    amazing video, my friend. I enjoy watching all your videos and above all I love your slovanian accent. keep it up

  • Hastiani Mulian 1 week ago

    Sacher torte

  • Ling Hong 1 week ago

    I really love your videos! They are like well-crafted documentaries to me! Keep up with the good work!

  • Dianna Locke 1 week ago

    I love watching your videos about yummy desserts!

  • PREYdator 1 week ago

    Time to include Frankfurt visit during one of the next trips to Germany 🙂

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