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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 5 Edible Plants for an Arizona Desert Garden. Here are 5 plans you must have if you are planting an edible Garden in the Phoenix area Arizona! 🙂 Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Check out my other YouTube channels at: John from visits a tropical fruit tree nursery in Phoenix, Arizona to share with you the top tips on how to grow tropical fruit trees in a desert climate. In this episode, you will learn the easiest tropical fruits and subtropical fruits you can grow in a desert climate. In addition, you will discover the specific actions you will need to take to ensure you have healthy, productive trees with minimal pest or disease issues. John visits Shamus O’Leary’s Tropical Fruit Tree nursery in Phoenix, Arizona, and shows you around this home based nursery and all the tropical fruit trees growing in the ground and also in containers around the property. You will discover the best place in Arizona to purchase tropical fruit trees as well as get the information you need to be successful at growing tropical fruit trees in the desert. You will discover one of the most cold tolerant avocado trees that are in commercial production that can be grown with minimal protection in the desert and from cold temperatures. Near the end of the episode, John will show you a mango tree that is producing mangoes in a container and then share with you his opinions on 3 uncommon varieties of mangoes grown in Arizona that he has never had before. Finally, John will sit down with Shamus, the tree grower and ask him questions about […]

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  • Bengun67 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    You are on the path of wisdom, very inspiring !
    Have a good one.?

  • Linda Bloom 4 years ago

    Hi Jake:

  • Mike Ramos 4 years ago

    I have mangos, dragon fruit, and blue java banana growing in Las Vegas. So far, surviving very well.?

  • graciela duarte 4 years ago

    I'm growing Avocados, Mangos,Guanabana, Sugar Cane, Barbados Cherry, Coffee and many more tropical trees and plants from Shamus. I'm in Tucson and everything is doing amazing. He recently moved to a larger property which means They will be able to carry even more trees.?

  • Earthling Dylan 4 years ago


  • Red Sky 4 years ago

    Can't wait to pick up my pre-ordered trees from Shamus. I got a Coconut Cream mango and Acerola Cherry. Might have to pick up more trees when I get there.?

  • Bianca Barron 4 years ago

    Which mangoes will be best for Vegas? I would love to go there and buy some trees?

  • Jomon Johny 4 years ago

    can i grow them in Texas houston ???????????

  • Manny Vedo 4 years ago

    Great video! 🙂

  • Jole Lazav 4 years ago

    But we are cannibals… ;-)?

  • Jon Mcclane 4 years ago

    DUDE! What's wrong with you guys! That is no way or how to eat MANGOs
    Oh, the shame of it all :(?

  • Eric akafathual 4 years ago

    thanks for visiting phoenix im glad too see others are noticing our unique climate.?

  • Cindyfromaz 4 years ago

    Shamus rocks!!

  • Bertha Perales 4 years ago

    Where can I buy coconut cream mango??????

  • Callum B 4 years ago

    Great white!?

  • Out of the box 4 years ago

    John and Shamus are right. Fruit trees are forgiving and you can grow more if you have micro-climates in higher hardiness zones.

  • The Urban Organic 4 years ago

    Extremely long winded in this video John, or maybe my patience was short tonight.?

  • Holly McCutcheon 4 years ago

    i shared this on my fb page i live in phoenix?

  • Lea Vohn 4 years ago

    you should do a video in irvine, ca?

  • Grow Your Heirlooms 4 years ago

    I wish. LOL. I'm in zone 8. I have a few tropicals in the greenhouse but out in the orchard they are a challenge.?

  • VeganAthlete 4 years ago

    41:02 The interview between John and Shamus O'Leary starts!