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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A garden trellis is a great way to maximize your growing space. Over the years we have used several different types of trellis setups. In today’s video I share with you five inexpensive ways to create trellises in your garden ranked from most costly to least costly. Plus, a tip on incorrect plant placement for trellis gardening. Our tour is pretty nifty with lots of things getting some pollination action this week and the beginnings of some small harvests. This past weekend we upgraded our shade cloth to accommodate the growth on our trellises. Once again we incorporated our favorite DIY element; pvc pipe. The new system is ideal for our garden, but not for our HOA; so please pray we can keep this up for the next 3 months. #TrellisIdeas #GardenTrellisIdea #VerticalGardening #VerticalTrellisGardening #TrellisTips #TrellisGarden #DIYTrellis #CheapTrellis #InexpensiveTrellis #CattlePanelTrellis #TrellisingOptions Video Rating: / 5


  • Sheila Fade 2 weeks ago


  • Tammy Whatever 2 weeks ago

    Where do you buy your shade screening material? I read that a 40% cloth is best for generic veggies… but I've checked the websites of Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowe's, A&P Nursery, Amazon & google shopping and I can't seem to find a reasonably priced (or what I'm looking for) product! I don't a greenhouse length piece, hoping for a store that will cut to the length you want to pay for. Please let me know where you got yours!! Hugs, from Mesa, AZ

  • missswissdreamer 2 weeks ago

    Super helpful, I have learned so much from you – thank you!

  • Marletta England 2 weeks ago

    Love your ingenuity in coming up with your trellis ideas. The cattle panel idea is awesome. Stay safe.

  • Lvmykds4 2 weeks ago

    How do you attach your shade cloth to your concrete wall? And this was great info. Thank you! ❤️

  • The Bull's Garden 2 weeks ago

    Everything is looking fabulous enjoyed spending sometime with you All Purpose Mom

  • Texasgirl77077 2 weeks ago

    Very nice. I wish I had the space to do a trellis like yours. Great job!

  • Abby Lopez 2 weeks ago

    GREAT VIDEO! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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