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  • hiawogice 8 months ago

    That A. asterias at 8:08 is absolutely unreal

  • sarasmr 42 8 months ago

    Mmmm I like da sticky nice

  • Anton Stegen 8 months ago

    Excellent food source.

  • aureliusVA 8 months ago

    Good for you and your friends for trying to save what you can. Thanks.

  • S E E N 8 months ago

    can someone name the species hes saying i cant seem to finde certain cactus when i look them up , i dont know latin

  • Iconoclast 8 months ago

    You missed all the miners lettuce all around the cactus in the Beginning. My favorite wild green

  • Gene Hasenbuhler 8 months ago

    Peyote and Mescaline-rabbit's love that stuff- me too!

  • Karen B 8 months ago

    Thanks for slowing- down a bit for the lichens. :)!

  • Jimini 8 months ago

    I did mesc for the first and only time before my senior prom 25 yrs ago, needless to say I never made it to the prom and I'm glad I didnt. Someone I knew well handed it to me and said "Try this",I didnt hesitate. The place it brought me to was far better than any gymasium full of people I didnt care to see anyway. It lasted all night and well into the next day. At the time I didnt even know what mesc was or where it came from. I never had the urge to do it again.Today its just another memory from the good ole days. I have 300+ cacti and a few hundred more just starting to sprout in my house, none of them are peyote. Leave that stuff out there in nature for the rabbits✌

  • Nick alexander 8 months ago

    Your accent is an act?

  • mrpieceofwork 8 months ago

    So… I have a weird bio-film growing in a travel mug I use all day, every day, and I have scraped that stuff out numerous times and experimented with it. It's kinda like a "scoby". Once I fed it just the constituent parts of the coffee/sugar/milk mix that it's always bathed in, just to see what it would do with each individually, and as you might surmise, it was some weird stuff. The milk was fairly nasty smelling after some time, but… was that cheese it made? LOL ANYWAY, I also have dried and rehydrated some of it… and it's like nothing happened to it. Came right back. So, that's what I think happens with those crustal films over there.

  • Stanley Rakoski 8 months ago


  • pablo escobedo 8 months ago

    I need 1 peyote I got really bad anxiety and depression lost it all family house, faith. I miss my kids!!!! I just need one, I'm not a drug addict. Help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aida Iris 8 months ago


  • dnayf _ 8 months ago

    1:37 I have one of those cactuses growing on my gravel path. Should I move it to a pot?

  • Beau Rapier 8 months ago

    Just found your channel and loving it! Born and raised in Chicago. Currently working as a biologist sweating my ass off doing RTE plant and animal surveys in Starr county, TX area. Would love to meet up and botanize the valley some time!

  • pitbullica 8 months ago

    Some of these plants are similar to some in Croatia in Europe, that bio film and some trees that I saw in more videos, I am not a botanist but it is interesting how similar it can be

  • Guillermina Mendez 8 months ago

    If the name is peyote. The cactus is not Texas

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