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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote China is very well-known for its efforts of turning desert into productive lands. They have initiated, implemented and applied many kinds of techniques, innovative methods and new technologies in order to transform their big desert regions into product lands rich with crops, vegetation and trees. As a result, they are now benefiting from what they have done in their big desert areas. So in this video, you will see some of many useful methods China uses to turn their big deserts into product lands. QUICK VIDEO SUMMARY of 6 Useful Methods China Uses In Turning Desert Into Productive Lands: 1. Planting Trees And Vegetation 2. Planting Crops And Vegetables 3. Using Polylactic Acid Sand Barriers To Stop Desertification 4. Using New Technology To Turn Desert Sand Into Soil 5. Planting Watermelon 6. Planting Licorice Trees SUBSCRIBE To Richard Aguilar Channel: Recommended Book To Read: Red China’s Green Revolution: Technological Innovation, Institutional Change, and Economic Development Under the Commune: Also Watch My Other Video On — How China Transforms Desert Into Productive Land By Converting Desert Sand Into Soil — Watch the video to learn more… MY Social Media Accounts: Tweets by RichardATrends #ConvertingSandToSoil #deserttooasis #ConvertingDeserttoProductiveLand #DesertSandtoSoil DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through those links and this small commission helps support my channel and allows us to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support! Video Rating: / 5


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  • QUEST for Education 6 days ago

    what is your real name ?

  • Tait Slong 6 days ago

    Should I listen to you or read the unmatched yet informative CC

  • Kc Y 6 days ago

    Keep it up.A great contribution not only to China
    but to all mankind and mother earth

  • chris Tall 6 days ago

    right a kilo of rice on international market 8,56 dollars….. sources??

  • Jim Willeford 6 days ago

    Wonderful. This newer nano technology is really interesting.

  • Tomer Umesh 6 days ago

    Intro music name please?

  • JIMMY 6 days ago

    China has done many many achievements which the western media does not show to their citizens.

  • Anonymous Anonimity 6 days ago

    china has a dedicated holiday, tree planting day, in spring

  • Anonymous Anonimity 6 days ago

    chinese students from young age make field trips to plant trees every spring

  • ObsoletePowerCorrupts 6 days ago

    Are you the dude who does the voice for subliminal satanic messages on vinyl records played backwards?

  • Music4567able 6 days ago

    Thanks for showing China's effort to fight with desertification to the rest of the world. Western mainstream media downplay such achievement made by China. In contrast, those media only show interest to the Swedish girl leading protest for environmental protection and make her like a superstar.

  • Gopidas K 6 days ago

    Perhaps some of the flood water can be diverted here

  • Yusuf Samari 6 days ago

    Check Algeria this is nothing

  • Jagdeep Singh 6 days ago

    India is here bro..

  • Gouri Sahoo 6 days ago

    I give a big thanks to Chinese

  • tilmaen 6 days ago

    Cut the horrible music.
    Go more into detail

  • 桂局—季 6 days ago

    spend most of their lives in deserts and become millionaires when they're old. they deserve it

  • S Waldron 6 days ago

    Ashamed to lazy Africa people who declared famine or poverty every time the sands blown to their homes.

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