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  • Amy Johnson 1 week ago

    wow this was amazing!

  • AnonymousBluesilver 1 week ago

    Awesome video!

  • Staci Wallingford 1 week ago

    Looks like it was a great day! I love how each persons different personalities show in their gardens.

  • LOVES DIY 1 week ago

    Great Video. Thank you.

  • LOVES DIY 1 week ago

    Love the front yard Garden!

  • LOVES DIY 1 week ago

    Lady sat on her flowers SMH. So rude. Sit on a chair.

  • southern mom 1 week ago

    Enjoyed this video, I wish there was a garden tour my town

  • The Plant-Based Homestead 1 week ago

    We do a farm tour here in two different counties. It's SO FUN! I loved seeing the gardens you toured. We're in 5b so obviously different zone from you, but I always love seeing how everyone gardens. You can learn so much from others. Thank you for the tour!

  • Hoyle Wallace 1 week ago

    This was "GREAT" thanks for sharing!

  • Anthony Wayne Daniell 1 week ago

    what a beautiful pig.

  • Anthony Wayne Daniell 1 week ago

    wow, they are beautiful gardens, thank you for sharing. five stars for the gardens and video.

  • Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living 1 week ago

    That is really cool to be able to see other people's gardens. Thanks for taking us along!

  • Amber Gerhart 1 week ago

    i love it! this was so fun to watch! thanks for sharing!

  • Latrece Preston 1 week ago

    really enjoyed the tour

  • 76monikaW 1 week ago

    That was so neat!!

  • Mechille 1 week ago

    Great tour.  Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Can't wait to see what you do now that you have seen what others have been able to do.

  • Acoatof Gold 1 week ago

    Kevin is a pig man? wouldn't have guessed. you guys would do well with american guinea hogs or kune kune pigs, they're adorable mini pigs who both primarily forage. i think the kune kune is moreso better for y'all, they're more heat resistant and you can process them yourselves if you chose to. all of these gardens were so interesting, they'll be great references. thanks for the content – jacob

  • Stacia Henry 1 week ago

    Wow!!! I like all the garden you visited! Now I have plenty idea I want to incorporate in my garden. Wish I had AZ weather to grow some or the subtropical fruits.

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