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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Just So Darwin Which plants can store water in the desert? Animation describing how a cactus can store water. Grandad Charlie, an elderly tortoise, and his grandson Sam are caught in a rain storm. Grandad Charlie and Sam pass the time with a story about the cactus, a popular and unusual plant. A family of woodpeckers is blown into the desert by a storm and get lost. The desert becomes dry and very hot. A scorpion and a lizard tell the woodpeckers they need to find a cactus as they contain water and insects. Mother woodpecker finds a cactus and the family have a drink. Grandad Charlie explains a cactus is like a big water tank holding lots of rainwater and has a waxy skin to stop the water evaporating in the sun. Woodpeckers which eat the fruit help more cacti to grow by spreading the seeds. Video Rating: / 5

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