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  • Dishi Mittal 1 year ago

    They used sanskrit in their mv. i feel proud as an indian that india is being recognised in korea ☺

  • Love Jonetsu 1 year ago

    This is the best Debut I've heard so far… and for the first time.. I can not pick a bias.. Donghun and Jason just keep snatching me.

  • Hoongu Jee 1 year ago

    H.A.R.D.S.T.Y.L.E is coming

  • Pandathena 1 year ago

    * slams stan button *

  • SeBooty Senpai 1 year ago

    oml this group is really good

  • Jiminies tongue flicks 1 year ago

    Guys this is my first time listening to this.
    I'm shook af omf
    idk what to say im only 37 seconds in

  • lil queen bee 1 year ago

    it has 1M views and only 489 dislikes kings

  • Wishy 1 year ago

    the video doesn't do the choreo justice!! Such a great song, so happy there's a performance version

  • Asteroid tipo Crazy 1 year ago


  • I saw their live on instagram but didnt know the name of the song so i searched "kpop boy thigh group" and it came up lmao

  • Rox Pop 1 year ago


  • have they released any other songs besides cactus?

  • Yury Garcia 1 year ago

    Wow me encantan sus voces ni hablar hermosod felicidades

  • Princess Jihyo 1 year ago

    ay this lit and they all talented and good looking I might stan

  • Michelle Vilchis 1 year ago

    mueroo. ♡

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