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  • Thea Bruun 7 months ago

    "No matter who looks at me, I'm unattractive"

    Lies, lies, lies, lies, lie detected.

  • Call_Me_Rhee 7 months ago

    That moment when Jason is my bias, wow is my bias wrecker but I feel inclined to have jun as my bias cuz he has the same birthday as me- but chan is only 2 years older than me so it makes more sense to stan him more BUT THEN THERE'S DONGHUN WHOSE VOICE IS JUST AMAZING I CAN'T.

  • Rad Queen 7 months ago


  • broke multitrash 7 months ago

    the vocals are no joke wtf all of their vocals are great
    shine my boys, shine

  • Yasmo0 7 months ago

    i love the mix from K-Pop with hardstyle … i want more! ♥ ^_^

  • T-Swivle 7 months ago

    Just noticing this, but Jason high-key looks like the love child of BTS' Jimin and Wanna-One's Lee Daewhi

  • Kimmy Puppy 7 months ago

    Im shook cause Jun really lied on this song and said he is unattractive. Also Wow always got to rebel the group was like lets kill them with our front view .Wow was like nah fam you get the side

  • _excusemin_ 7 months ago

    I have a reeeeeealllly good feeling about this group

  • Genesis Gonzalez 7 months ago


  • Kyung Soon 7 months ago

    Gostei da música agora vou procura um bias hihihi

  • I'm so happy I stanned Jun from the very start. I feel so proud

  • Song Jun Young -Melody, B2UTY, KissMe, Multifandom- 7 months ago

    I thought Wow shared his rap with Jason?? Or was I mistaken??

    Either way, who's everyone's bias?? Mine are Jun (he's like my thousandth Jun bias, as a lot of my bias-list has the stage name as Jun or their real name as Jun XD) and Wow, because He's a deep-voiced rapper XD 😀

  • syko beanz 7 months ago

    can we just talk about how good jason and juns voices sound back to back…Junson is my new ship

  • hoshi's carrot 7 months ago

    jason raps along with wow, not chan

  • Okay this might be an unpopular opinion but does the chorus of this song sound like "the dj is mine" by wonder girls chorus????

  • Phenomenal One 7 months ago

    OK, but can we talk about how much Jason looks like Jimin only with different eye shape or is it just my stupid mind playing with me again?

  • Migikun 7 months ago

    "Let's not tell Wow we're getting plants in our pictures."

  • Kylie 7 months ago

    I swear, all 5 members make up the vocal line, rap line, and dance line. plus, they're all visuals and have amazing personalities. a.c.e is a pentathreat and to see their fame rising, especially being here before their debut, is so amazing. I hope people don't sleep on them and miss out on their incredible talent…

  • Al Sa 7 months ago

    Es la primera vez que no puedo ver un video de LATE MOTIVE y todo por culpa de una risa horrorosa!

  • Berzonian 7 months ago

    Puto Luis

  • Ioritz Barandiaran 7 months ago

    Cuál es la canción con la que entra Broncano?

  • Marta Nulu 7 months ago

    Broncano, eres el humorista más irónico que existe!! me encantas!! mereces un papel en alguna serie humorística.

  • Barrilete Cósmico 7 months ago

    Que pasen dos nueces

  • Leonardo 7 months ago

    no hay una sola seccion de broncano o de berto que no se hable del culo o del ano anda que no esta preparado y guionizado y encima el programa el logo es un ojo.ya os hemos calado y sabemos vuestro objetivo aunque mucha gente siga dormida cada vez hay mas despiertos.manipuladores de las masas,andreu vendido a telefónica

  • Metal M Guitar m/ 7 months ago

    vengo por la risa

  • Jezu dc 7 months ago

    broncano a pronunciado "kiwi" y no "kivi" se nos hace mayor :,)

  • jonny redzepi 7 months ago

    y mi himno ?

  • Pablo Clemente 7 months ago

    La sección de Broncano en LM es como la de Ignatius en LVM

  • republik 7 months ago

    Por dios, puta risa de mierda.

  • Monim Monim 7 months ago

    molesta la puta risaa que parece una cabra

  • Eduardo Garces Cabezuelo 7 months ago

    hay una risa de mierda que es para matarse

  • Fernando Pérez 7 months ago

    Que alguien mate a la de la risa, rápido, antes de que ponga huevos.

  • n. ar 7 months ago

    a que hora echan este programa en el canal??

  • Mike Ruiz 7 months ago

    como vuelva a ir la hija puta de la risa dejo de ver el programa

  • yoel alvarez 7 months ago

    minuto 9:36: "Bien, vamos con la sección"

  • Maria del Mar Pérez Castillo 7 months ago

    Tenéis al público como en misa. No les dejáis sentarse

  • berserk046 7 months ago

    deberíais cribar el público, las risa esa de pavo es jodidamente molesta

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