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  • Olivia 에이핑크 1 year ago

    Low key mad subvocals and lead vocals get more than the main. But THEYRE STILL ALL GOOD IT JUST BOTHERS ME

  • Hanji Jefferson 1 year ago


  • YOU NEED JISOOS 1 year ago

    this is such a fair line distribution, AM IN LOVE

  • tomazingerz 1 year ago

    ok this turned into nightcore

  • Linnie Kim 1 year ago

    Such a fair distribution for a new group. I know ACE even before they debut. So proud!!

  • Emily Schmitz 1 year ago

    They're all quadruple treats: rap, vocal, visual and dance. I don't think there is one group with the members being that strong individually.

  • Ainul Fatini Admad Faris 1 year ago

    i only think of svt jun lol

  • bela joseph-dun 1 year ago

    I feel like ACE makes me more gay than I already am.

  • BERNADINE 1 year ago

    Next time can it be:
    Jun- red

    It would be really cool if it would match their heart club hoodies color ☺️

  • Kontel 1 year ago

    I love how all of them are good at so many things that they can have such a fair line distribution like this. They all have really good voices and are so well balanced. I love them! Jun is my bias!

  • Kiwi 1 year ago

    Their vocals are hella good, even though i started stanning like 4 days before debut i watched all their covers and dance practices, im so hooked lololl. Good luck to them and their journey through kpop. I'll be waiting for that US tour :'D

  • kyu yie 1 year ago

    yesss my bae's getting recognition 🙂

  • babybwii 1 year ago

    Jason biased, anyone?

  • Rita R 1 year ago

    This is why I stan

  • Shey Martinez 1 year ago

    Eso si es distribución de lineas. sndkwb, me matan todos ahre, me volvere Choise. ♥

  • Cara BeBe 1 year ago


  • i think im worldwide handsome - ThirdGuyFromTheLeft 1 year ago

    my boys mad talented the company didn't want to leave anyone out

  • i think im worldwide handsome - ThirdGuyFromTheLeft 1 year ago

    I've never been so proud of a line distribution

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