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  • Mike Smith 4 years ago

    what the hell is moving so fast in the background @17:45 to 17:47 at one point it is flying in the air behind the shot of the truck driving down the road? any Ideas???

  • Mustafa Sahrawi 4 years ago

    yes beautifle meteorite

  • Mojave888 4 years ago

    Rich kids and a show to worship it all.

  • Hannah Arocha 4 years ago

    I've been fortunate enough to have met Steve and Geoff. They were very nice and even autographed pictures for me. Love this show 

  • 94Junglist 4 years ago

    Love the sound of the metal detector.. Funny :-D

  • Howardite Meteorites (Howardites) 4 years ago

    Complete Meteorite database as of 30th June 2014 – Hope you enjoy I find this an easy way to keep an eye on my collection and highlight the ones I have got as to not buy duplicates unless they are stunning peices.

  • George McGovern 4 years ago

    It is suppose to be 106 F and someone is going to sit on a black rock in the middle of the Mojave? LOL

  • Rosa Silva 4 years ago


  • USMCTANKS61 4 years ago

    looks like late nov early dec…….friggin reality shows.

  • angelodevinci davis 4 years ago

    i live in the mojave desert these guys are full of shit about the hit he is wearing a long sleeve shirt to much gear the vegeyation is green there is no way that at 11 30 in the morning they would be abel to stand the heat and look no sunburns no sweat under the arms lie sack of shit

  • Howardite Meteorites 4 years ago

    This video remains the property of the Science Channel / Discovery, we re-posted this with no intent to commit Copyright but for Educational & Research Purposes.

    Please watch, Learn & Enjoy

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