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  • Orange Lee 4 years ago

    wow lot of fruits

  • Patrick Pitsch 4 years ago

    how far apart were the trees planted from each other?

  • JayJ6198 4 years ago

    So it is possible to grow avocados and mangoes out here

  • United Lunchadores Formerly Luncha Libre 4 years ago

    This is my Mom's yard. The Mangoes have a huge sentimental value to us. It was started by the last mango my Grandmother every ate before she passed. My Mom said for you to come to the front and she will show you her yard.

  • 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    A guy in California is pairing avocados with coffee as well, and having huge success. Ideas!!!
    Did you get to meet the homeowners? That would be a great interview.

  • MrZapparin 4 years ago

    Amazing place! *)

  • Domenica Reyna 4 years ago

    Are you sure you are in Phoenix?  LOL…..  The trees look amazing.

  • Sone Naunau 4 years ago

    Where is this house at?

  • Ahmed Dip 4 years ago

    That looks like a Bangladeshi house, In Bangladesh every house looked like that 10 years back. I wish California looks like that one day!!! God bless California!

  • nefertiti558 4 years ago

    Wow!! Awesome trees!!! 

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