Jerry visits an award-winning native garden just outside of Toowoomba

Maria and Gordon Reynolds have received several Carnival of Flowers competition awards for their garden and although this gives them a real boost, their main motivation is to show people what can be achieved with native plants.

The garden has been created over a 10 year period and is jam-packed with an array of native plants. Although native gardens are often thought of as ‘wild and rambling’ this garden is a more formal, cottage style where plants are kept smaller and in check with regular pruning.

Garden Layout

The garden is on an average sized block and larger trees have been removed to reduce the amount of shade in the garden.
Careful attention has been placed on selecting the right plant for the right place in the garden to optimize the health of the plant.
The main purpose of the layout is to encourage exploration through the garden.
Maria and Gordon’s Tips:

Encourage birds into your garden. They will control pests as they eat pest insects.
The right soil – correct drainage in particular – is essential for healthy native plants. For tips on achieving this, see creating Perfect Drainage.

HOOK-LEAF GREVILLEA, Grevillea uncinulata


PAPER DAISY, Xerochrysum ‘Bright Bikini’

HYBRID GREVILLEA, Grevillea x semperflorens

Grevillea ‘Bush Lemons’

NARROW LEAVED MINT BUSH, Prostanthera linearis syn. Westringia purpurea

WILSON’S GREVILLEA, Grevillea wilsonii

Grevillea bipinnatifida ‘Jingle Bells’

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A prize-winning native garden

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