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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Please do not forget to visit the site ►YouTube/Arizona Geological Survey contact us ************************************************************** In the arid wasteland of the Arizona desert, something enormous has appeared. It stretches out for miles, and scientists are pretty sure that it’s getting bigger. Yet this huge split in the earth isn’t a naturally occurring phenomena. No, the blame for it lays squarely on the shoulders of man. Arizona is America’s sixth-largest state. It sits in the south of the country and shares a long border with Mexico. In terms of climate, while the north of the state is home to forests and endures heavy snow in the winter, the south is a different kettle of fish. And it’s there that the strange crack has appeared. In the south of the state, the climate is considered desert. That means the area has long, hot summers and very mild winters. There are, though, actually three deserts in Arizona. The Chihuahuan Desert covers part of the southeast of the state, while the Mojave stretches into the west. The largest expanse of desert in Arizona is, however, the Sonoran. And it’s in the Sonoran Desert that this enormous crack in the ground has appeared. The strange feature stretches for two miles in an area known as Pinal County, which is between Tucson and Casa Grande. But while the crack has been there for a couple of years, geologists are only now discovering the scope of it – thanks to the use of new technology. Joseph Cook is a geologist who works with the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS), and he was the first to spot the fissure. He didn’t make the find using traditional methods, mind you. Instead, Cook was at his computer […]


  • Donald Smith 6 months ago

    nah im thinking if we pray about it it will get smaller

  • C. S. 6 months ago

    Shoot yourselves liberals, just shoot yourselves

  • Pondart Inc 6 months ago

    Oh shit! You guys broke Arizona!

  • fung whyou 6 months ago

    WHYYYYYYYYY couldn't it happened along us Mexico or along California Whyyyyuhhuh huh

  • timber_beast 6 months ago

    Aquifer depletion. Read Cadillac Desert ( a book)

  • Pedro Metro2017 6 months ago

    I know that cracked anywhere that's my ex

  • D Rock 6 months ago

    things dry out, things crack

  • JoeMotion Videos 82 6 months ago

    It's not only farmers that are causing this. It also from people wasting water or having water conserving landscaping, broken sprinkler heads watering the streets, etc. We've been in a draught for a very long time. I've been out here since 1982. I see less rain and snow fall every year. That makes a huge difference too.

  • Patty Slocumb 6 months ago

    Farming? Anyone notice that there are no farms for as far as the eye can see in these pictures?? No wells either. I'm an Arizona native and have never heard a word about this.

  • J.D. Waterhouse 6 months ago

    Water use by Phoenix is killing the plant life in all the surrounding area as far east as Payson and Globe, and dramatic drought this year is adding to the problem. Huge swaths of dead and dying scrub oak, juniper, manzanita, pinyon and ponderosa pine and cottonwood can be seen for hundreds of miles throughout the region, and it's a scary tinderbox right now.

  • zuko 57 6 months ago

    I never even seen a farm in az. cept livestock

  • zuko 57 6 months ago

    cali takes huge amounts of water from arizona

  • Robert Hickey 6 months ago

    To bad they didn't truly show you what crawled out of that crack. My suggestion, lock your doors&windows at night and keep your dog inside.

  • Apes Rising 6 months ago

    CERN is causing this all around the world

  • Andrew Davis 6 months ago


  • The WorldlyWench 6 months ago

    They gonna fire u

  • Calvin Scott 6 months ago

    Around 1:25

  • The Boss 6 months ago

    Cartell did it. There libral now

  • The Boss 6 months ago

    Arizona gonna get what it deserve. Hows Hawaii. You havent seen nothing yet. F me over. Big G

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