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In the arid wasteland of the Arizona desert, something enormous has appeared. It stretches out for miles, and scientists are pretty sure that it’s getting bigger. Yet this huge split in the earth isn’t a naturally occurring phenomena. No, the blame for it lays squarely on the shoulders of man.

Arizona is America’s sixth-largest state. It sits in the south of the country and shares a long border with Mexico. In terms of climate, while the north of the state is home to forests and endures heavy snow in the winter, the south is a different kettle of fish. And it’s there that the strange crack has appeared.

In the south of the state, the climate is considered desert. That means the area has long, hot summers and very mild winters. There are, though, actually three deserts in Arizona. The Chihuahuan Desert covers part of the southeast of the state, while the Mojave stretches into the west. The largest expanse of desert in Arizona is, however, the Sonoran.

And it’s in the Sonoran Desert that this enormous crack in the ground has appeared. The strange feature stretches for two miles in an area known as Pinal County, which is between Tucson and Casa Grande. But while the crack has been there for a couple of years, geologists are only now discovering the scope of it – thanks to the use of new technology.

Joseph Cook is a geologist who works with the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS), and he was the first to spot the fissure. He didn’t make the find using traditional methods, mind you. Instead, Cook was at his computer when he discovered the opening in the ground. And that’s not the only technical innovation that the AZGS has used to investigate the crack.

You see, the first time Cook saw this new gap in the land, he was looking at images from Google Earth. That was back in December 2014. Cook then set out to map what he saw – but when he got there he realized that the imagery he’d seen was just the tip of the iceberg. The crack was much, much bigger.


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A Two Mile Crack Has Opened Up In Arizona – And Experts Warn That It’s Only Going To Get Bigger

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