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  • Dean Olson 2 weeks ago

    Hi Prospector Dean here..thx for posting! The mines in this wash/gulch were mined primarily for Tungsten, including the actual Boriana Mine.

  • I feel you might be the “Mr Rodgers” of the dessert .

  • Brian Rose 2 weeks ago

    What is your longest trip in your ATV? And is it water cooled? Thanks and take care

  • Lead Pill 2 weeks ago

    Great scenery…but who care$ about rocks?

  • Connie Chamberlain 2 weeks ago

    Can't say much for the drivers.

  • Connie Chamberlain 2 weeks ago

    I love watching.All this your showing me,will never get to see.

  • George Smith 2 weeks ago

    Enjoy your travels, do you live near Kingman?

  • Chuck Stith 2 weeks ago

    A 50 foot graded road! My Corvette will make it there

  • Kathy Carver 2 weeks ago

    Love your videos!

  • Cactus Jack 2 weeks ago

    Another great video !!

  • J Burnett 2 weeks ago

    That was so much fun. The castus is a saguaro. I appreciate people who appreciate the desert and can see the beauty.

  • craig krajewski 2 weeks ago

    So cool

  • Vicki Wooley 2 weeks ago

    sawarows not sacoras

  • Jane Zhang 2 weeks ago

    What a life style! Live in nature!

  • triblemusic 2 weeks ago

    Awesome job thanks for sharing.
    Can you drive out there and camp.

  • Charles Owens 2 weeks ago

    You did not go far enough keep going up the road. You will come to the MINE that the road is named after .

  • Rox Storm 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing all your videos. Cool!

  • Hester Potts 2 weeks ago

    Enjoyed your trip very much, but please get closer to old buildings and such and take a few moments to look at them. Overall, we love your travels! (Stuck at home in Texas)

  • Mechell Ames 2 weeks ago

    Yea explore ! Fun watching while lockdown in Cali explore explore explore thank you !

  • Rein Baker 2 weeks ago

    Great video

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