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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We visited an abandoned master planned community in Arizona, this place has been abandoned since the housing crisis of 2008. The Mohave County APPROVED the Silverado Ranch Master Planned Community in 2006. The developers had purchased 4,800 acres of land outside Kingman, AZ. They immediately began to grade, and build the models along with 15 homes. The community had plans for more than 12,000 homes, an 18-hole golf course, with more than 1,600 acres of commercial development & schools. The project was scratched in 2008 due to the U.S Housing crash, soon after plans for a 1 Billion dollar solar plant was approved by the county. Unfortunately, the developer never filed an application with the Arizona Corporate Commission, and the plant was never built. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WASTED!!! Like, Comment and Subscribe to Living in Las Vegas – #LiLV Video Rating: / 5


  • Cameron Walter 7 months ago

    Copper wiring makes for good meth money

  • Latty Tude 7 months ago

    I wish Mike had made a go of this…. but it seems like he was constantly fighting someone….. 99% of it was BS…. note to self, don't piss off the PTBs…..

  • Uncle DenDen 7 months ago

    Nice place

  • John Bennett 7 months ago

    I wonder what the people who built this think?

  • MATTHEW STEVA 7 months ago

    please save these homes these are really expensive home take one for your self get with the county and if the will give you one legally for free with the paper documents how often do you get go in side of a neighborhood choose a free house MAN!!!!!! that would be alsome !!!!! these would be good ranch homes a place for vocation were the family can get to gather

  • MATTHEW STEVA 7 months ago

    start a fund raise save these homes restore them and you my be able to take one for your self in no one want them this you have a get away place not every day you get a house for free

  • Redefine Living 7 months ago

    Nice houses, I wonder why they didn’t sell them.

  • The housing crisis of 2008 still makes me sick to my stomach. So many dreams were killed. People lost their jobs, money (401s) and houses. Not to mention those who killed themselves over their losses. May God heal anyone who is still suffering over that time period. Thank you "living in Las Vegas" for the video. – From AZ.

  • Sean Reed 7 months ago

    Are these houses for sale? Let's work on this. Many of you here are ready to bring your good attitude to rebuild and inhabit these homes. We can restore these homes and the ecosystems around them. Beautiful. We can. Join us. Look for Ecosystem Restoration Camps Community.

  • Wknd Warrior 7 months ago

    That's what happens when you want a million dollars an acre just saying

  • Michele McWilliams 7 months ago

    are any for sale?

  • joseph watson 7 months ago

    Democrats steal tax dollars for 'solar' so Democrats can put 'solar' on their properties, but never do… Why is that?

  • Annette Melnychuk 7 months ago

    So sad

  • Brandon Porter 7 months ago

    I’ve driven past Silverado a few times, wondered why there was only a few houses there

  • Kristina Ragan 7 months ago

    There are more than 6 houses. They were 100% ready to live in and already sold before tweakers came in and destroyed them. There is poop all over cause well uhhh rats and other wild life hahaha. They were beautiful homes and plans to make a community as the owner kept building go look around those houses and yoyll find plots and burned down structures . there is SO MUCH MORE to these houses then what was listed and said. Sad.

  • C. Rice 7 months ago

    There is a big thing laid out between Kingman and Cool Springs on 66. This part of that? Thanks

  • Richard Schrodt 7 months ago

    Punk ass tweakers !!!! Anyone get a chance beat the living daylights out of them ! Thieving pos’ts !

  • Alison Rennie 7 months ago

    WTH! What was that on the wall & floor to the right just after you went through the back door! Red paint?!

  • OverProcessed 7 months ago

    So this is Silverado Ranch…just south of I-40 on the way from Kingman to Wikieup. We just drove past there last weekend on our way to/from Vegas and there were 2 new houses under construction and lots of billboards.

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