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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Adenium Care tips in summer season || Friends you see adenium plants. It is growing in a desert area. So people called desert rose plants. But today it can be easily available any nursery and any garden. This plant scientific name is adenium obesum. It’s growing tropical and sub-tropical regions. It’s a native desert area mostly African desert – Sahara and the Arabian Desert.So, friends, we get many kinds of adenium plants – like various colors of sizes. This plant is including succulent families. This plant is famous for its flowers and caudex. Friends keep it precious for its big caudex. Friends we grow it as a bonsai plant. The bonsai plant is attractive to nature. This plant grows flower end of the march to October.Now, friends, I discuss how to care adenium plants to get many flower blooms.1. Repotting and pruning – if you get many flower blooms from these plants you will repotting and pruning once in a year in the time before winter or after winter. But the best time of repotting and pruning after winter. Because the plant’s dormancy period is in the winter. So the plants cannot properly be growing if we repotting and pruning before the winter. The best time in the month of February to repotting and pruning of the plants.2. Soil and pot – Friends we planting these adenium plants in a terracotta pot or any pot to important make proper soil and proper size pots to get many flowers. We take that terracotta pot for this plant to grow. The best container is terracotta pot – low height but the maximum diameter of its surface.Adenium is a desert plant so friends we make this soil like desert well drain soil. I have used the […]


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    Thank you for these great tips . Mine is in bloom now . I get about four blooms at any one time . Its a small plant with only three branches

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