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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video demonstrates winter and post winter care of Adenium or dessert rose plants. It shows an uncommon operation on Adenium plants to revive them from winter damages and save them from dying due to embedded winter damages which make these plants die slowly in spring or summer. It is the first episode in the series of Adenium post winter care.For detailed steps of their revival, we suggest that the viewers see all the four episodes of this series. We adapt, follow and suggest only organic ways. Happy Gardening! Video Rating: / 5 As promised, here is our video where we explore Kew gardens. We have tried to cover most of the places in this video. Be part of Our Journey.:- Follow us on: Instagram- Facebook: 1) Kew gardens london 2) Kew gardens vlog 3) Unique day trip from london 4) day trip from london 5) London travel vlog #DesiCoupleInLondon #travelvlog #KewGardensVlog Hope you enjoy this, leave us a comment to let us know how you find this video or if you have any questions. KEW GARDENS LONDON Travel Vlog Video Rating: / 5


  • Sunita Gautam 1 month ago

    Poornimaji Kya abhi winter se pahle Adininum ki hard pruning kar du ?

  • Neelima Nigam 1 month ago

    Very informative video and in detail. Thanks a lot.
    My plants are healthy with new white roots. Do I still hang them for 15 days?
    Will wait for the response.

    What next? Please show us replanting as well.

  • Pruthivi Ray 1 month ago

    Good information mam

  • Nidhi Notra 1 month ago

    nice thank for sharing….

  • HAPPY NEWS TODAY 1 month ago

    Forgive me commenting late . Actually I am not active on YouTube these days . I am having my medical Entrance exam in May 2021 so I have to prepare hard for it . Btw it was a n Amazing vlog


  • Sakshi Sharma 1 month ago


  • vipin singh 1 month ago

    Kaddu yahi se aaye hai 😀

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