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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Explore Arizona’s remarkable history and its awe-inspiring landscapes, spectacular sunsets, and infamous gunfights. From the Series: Aerial America: Arizona Video Rating: / 5


  • Erik H 1 month ago

    Bite from both ends, went ga n s t z

  • Erik H 1 month ago

    Stingers are up now!

  • Anand Chaudhary 1 month ago

    amazing ariel footages..

  • Erik H 1 month ago

    Still grounded!

  • BIBLICO DIOS ES AMOR 1 month ago

    return the lands to Mexico, thieves!

  • Erik H 1 month ago

    Your grounded, no fly zone, never mind Ed Bass owns a plane maybe

  • Aison Wansi 1 month ago

    Ezon Wansi came

  • Douglas Augusto Rezende Dias 1 month ago

    good good good. +1 subscriber

  • suhail bcda 1 month ago

    Comprehensive commentary and best captured scenes. I very appreciate the efforts for making this attractive documentary film.

  • Save Triceratops 1 month ago

    I am from AZ and lived here for 40 of my 43 years 3 in military and i remember when I was a kid in 1980's could find Gila Monsters and Desert Tortoise and Tumbleweeds. Not any more due to population growth.

  • YOUR MOMMA 1 month ago

    Thought y'all was about history? Hollywood stars have nothing to do with history.

  • Renee 1 month ago

    Why are the Alaska, Northern California, Dakota and Hawaii episodes blocked?

  • Anthony Ranblog 1 month ago

    I wonder how if they film by Drone or Helicopter? I dont see any shadow of the technology use to capture all magnifent view fro above.

  • Conrad DuBois 1 month ago

    A flood caused the canyons about 6000 years ago. Study the Bible and God will tell you this.

  • Gussy Rikh 1 month ago

    Very interesting. Fascinating..

  • Aron Eldridge 1 month ago

    Barely toucher on the Navajo Apache and Anasazi natives. the most important part of Arizona and the southwest

  • Feeber Izer 1 month ago

    I lived near Phoenix for 7 years. The sunsets often last a full hour and are the most amazing colors and textures I've ever seen…

  • Russell Fine Arts 1 month ago

    Ironic, this video shows posted on: Mar. 2020 and the Navajo coal power station was closed on Dec. 31, 2019. Great victory for the environment and humans who breath air.

  • Silva Selva 1 month ago

    Tem vídeos em português brasil?

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