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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Enter the amazing and surprising world of the Namib Desert. This, alongside other African deserts, where water is an unexpected source of energy. When the ra…

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  • EMILY7181997 6 years ago

    Why every time I watch an educational anything on youtube there’s always an
    Evolution Vs Religion debate in the comments? Can’t we just appreciate
    that nature is awesome and not start a hate war over how it came to be? I
    mean seriously if you believe in the Bible, doesn’t it say something about
    not hating people and loving people and not persecution? I mean, did Jesus
    hang out with a prostitute? And if you believe in evolution you can’t
    possibly believe that crushing a person’s faith and hope/cussing them out
    will make them believe what you say. Be civil people come on! ?

  • tay qianyin 6 years ago
  • BastEternal 6 years ago

    Science has been proven to exist time and time again. To prove in a deity
    takes FAITH and BELIEF. Those who believe in deities simply accept the
    existence of something that has not yet been proven to exist. The
    difference between science and faith is that scientists go out of their way
    to prove that a hypothesis does exist and show research and experiments to
    convince our eyes. As opposed to xtian theists who cry “because the bible
    says so” when asked to prove if a deity exists.

  • Daniel Houwing 6 years ago

    2:00 i love the tranformation!

  • marvindesu 6 years ago

    one of the most amazing nature videos i have ever seen!

  • Ali Haggy 6 years ago

    Thanks BBC….I’m dazzled, i donno what to say, but yeah!!! its marvelous
    piece…keep it up.

  • David Atch 6 years ago


  • crossbow121 6 years ago

    I get so homesick for the Kalahari when I watch this from Europe.

  • deepskyblue 6 years ago

    @TolSatha “Species” can be singular or plural…

  • CmdkyL 6 years ago

    @cri8tor wow you’re such a retard

  • tay qianyin 6 years ago

    OMG why do they collect water while standing on their forelegs?????????

  • BastEternal 6 years ago

    @unknownscientist09 Really? That’s the extent of your argument? Oy..what a
    waste of time.

  • BastEternal 6 years ago

    If it’s a fact, PROVE IT. Facts require factual evidence.

  • BastEternal 6 years ago

    “read the bible” I read the bible for 18 years. Pages glued together is not
    proof of a god, neither are the contents contained within a book. The book
    only gives evidence to the tall tales that man is capable of concocting –
    there are countless other books with similar entries that attest to this
    fact. A real god with incredible powers would surely use a more unique and
    convincing way to prove his existence than a BOOK. A book to prove a god?

  • Vince Masayda 6 years ago

    If mankind can create machines through the industrial revolution to make
    our lives easier, who’s to say that God didn’t create science, genetics,
    and evolution? Perhaps God created the laws of physics and science so that
    someday we could develop as a species and be able to manipulate our world
    for our benefit. I never thought God and evolution were inherently
    opposite. I always saw God as explaining scientific discoveries.

  • Jayrezal Jorgy 6 years ago

    This is chuck norris’s sandbox

  • fiendin281 6 years ago

    if they could be designed, why couldnt they have evolved?

  • I love every place in this world. im impressed all the time about the
    vaierty of the nature

  • Ranting Gamer Geek 6 years ago

    lol tatooine

  • Vivek Rajcoomar 6 years ago


  • cri8tor 6 years ago

    @DornDaniel Wow, I made a comment over two-years ago and you have to spit
    out some vomit over it just because you can’t make a life for yourself
    outside of YouTube. Take a break, and stop being such an asshole.

  • BastEternal 6 years ago

    @unknownscientist09 If you choose to waste your time pitying others, hey,
    whatever floats your boat. I don’t waste my time with pity. Pity is stupid,
    condescending, and not conducive to positivity. If I were you, I’d turn
    that pity into understanding. Understand that people are justified in not
    believing in a “god” because men claimed it in an old book. Understand that
    there are people who value reason & evidence and won’t just accept some
    mythological fairy tale because it’s an an old book.

  • Mathias Friis Mortensen 6 years ago

    @bdubya99 Hehe. The Sahara desert is ALSO in Namibia. This is part of the
    Sahara desert in Namibia.

  • therealTOTOfan 6 years ago

    3:00 look at that marvellous field of beauty ..wouldnt it be hilarious
    if a big fat lawn mower appeared out of nowhere and went through them all?
    aw .. black humour fills my heart with satisfaction everytime LOL

  • cooltv4 6 years ago

    lol these comments are funny