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Here are the Euphorbias that I own along with some information about each one. I also added two ways to differentiate cacti from succulents that look like cacti. Hope you enjoy this one 🙂 Candyland song by Tobu Websites I used: San Marcos Growers Altman Plants Altman Plants – Living Treasures Cactuspedia Plantlust Dave’s Garden World of Succulents Home The Encyclopedia of Succulents Video Rating: / 5


  • Eddie X 1 month ago

    Thanks. I've been growing the Euphorbia lactea "Good Luck Plant" for decades. When I lived down south it used to flower pretty much every year. But now that I live north of Chicago, I might get a few leaves in a good year.

    I put them in direct sun during the summer months. Down south, I put them on an enclosed porch with bright indirect light (and a longer outdoor season too). I'm concerned I'm giving them too much direct sun.

    What do you think?

  • Clyde Morris 1 month ago

    Nice little collection., really like the inermis.

  • t cap 1 month ago

    Euphorbias are quickly becoming my favorite genus of plant. Thanks for the informative video! Love my Medusa's Head, and I have a Ritchiei on the way that reminds me of a single stalk for the Inermis 🙂

  • Katie Williams 1 month ago

    Finally someone from Ohio, thank you very infomative

  • Joyce Shelby 1 month ago

    Very nice job on the video

  • cursiveman 1 month ago

    Is the Ghost lactia ok under a led grow light? Great video.

  • allan90723 1 month ago

    Thanks for explaining very well , great video !!

  • tammy murphy 1 month ago

    How much for a cutting of your euphoria ghost /bones? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • zanyzana66 1 month ago

    This was handy – I was wondering what the differences were and I noticed it just as I was ready to repot my euphorbias. Thanks.

  • J Torres 1 month ago

    What is the specific name of the black succulent at 5:58 on the right.

  • Raimundo Abreu 1 month ago

    Great, very beautiful

  • Solveg Rasmus 1 month ago

    very good vid

  • anarchoutis 1 month ago

    One of my favourite genera. So much variety.

  • joseanrodm9519 1 month ago

    if you like E. Inermis, you should check out E. Ritchei, it is similar and awesome too!

  • debjani bhowmick 1 month ago

    Learning a lot abt euphorbias. I love them.

  • Reda El Morkadi 1 month ago

    and this was a toxic music

  • Desierto's Cacti 1 month ago

    Thank you for sharing, very interesting video and information! 🙂

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