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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A cornfield in the middle of the Sonora desert. Sure is amazing to see a cornfield in the middle of the Arizona desert and to have 10 foot corn stalks in June is incredible. Buckeye, Arizona June 24, 2012 Video Rating: / 5


  • CR Conway 4 years ago

    What amazes me is that so many people don't realize that non-GMO corn grows in Arizona. hahaha…I've been growing OP corn and heirloom corn here for years!

  • Chevy Levy 4 years ago

    snakes in there?

  • AwakeOnline 4 years ago

    Regardless, I agree with you…it's a pretty amazing sight! Surreal.

  • guynaz928 4 years ago

    ull know u did it right if the hairs turn brown shortly after u pollinate em

  • guynaz928 4 years ago

    next time u grow some try tapping the stalks when the new corn get the hairs or whatever u call it so pollen from the top fall onto them. u can even do it by hand. that might help.

  • spockady 4 years ago

    cool corn!

  • guynaz928 4 years ago

    the corn wasnt pollinated good

  • jbreezes 4 years ago

    I'm amazed at how fast the corn plants behind my house are growing. Not our corn, but we are surrounded by a corn field on one side, a hen farm on another, a cow field in front of us and some woods on the forth side.

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    love the agriculture videos…nice video!

  • Rebecca King 4 years ago

    Those birds are Red Wing Blackbirds. Love to see them at my backyard feeder. Red Wings usually live in wet roadside ditches were there are cattails. That corn must be heavily watered for them to come around.

  • Jew bastard 4 years ago


  • Ian Bird 4 years ago

    probably GMO

  • eder feder 4 years ago

    round up ready… GMO no doubt… dig in 

  • AZwheeler 4 years ago

    wow do i want some corn now. 

  • freak3366 4 years ago

    Good ole GMO corn, grows in desert and with no water lol yummy…geesh

  • Mrs. Hemminger 4 years ago

    Cool video. Imagine that growing crops in a desert. Its been awhile since I watched a arizonapublic video. Just don't have as much time these days. Hope your doing good Mike.

  • valhala56 4 years ago

    Proves you can grow GM corn on Mars, that is if you were a Martian.

  • AwakeOnline 4 years ago


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