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  • Samson Delilah 2 years ago

    chinese didnt have a good looking but they have a brilliant mind

  • Hai Bui 2 years ago

    Để trồng cây trên sa mạc Trung Quốc cần đào lổ trải bạt chống thấm trồng cây vào và dĩ nhiên cây cần hệ thống tưới nhỏ giọt

  • Fuzz Zeballs 2 years ago

    communism is doing better for the enviroment than capitalism

  • gugmang giahak 2 years ago

    yeah humans are begining to wake up…good job

  • green 21 2 years ago

    I’m Tibetan and I love China

  • watje janssen 2 years ago

    great job China !

  • Colin Tan 2 years ago

    Create desert jobs by planting trees. WinWin for the environment and jobs.

  • mineirojf 2 years ago

    isso não é exemplo , aqui no brasil pode cortar arvores a vontade e fuder tudo ,

  • johnel royol 2 years ago

    that`s amazing china had converted desert into forest,while on the other side of the globe america is converting the city into desert.

  • Sturm 2 years ago


  • homertalk 2 years ago

    總統子有一個小的小弟弟, 它需要被推下他的共產主義餡餅洞

  • Ad Hi 2 years ago

    I'm on my way to start planting in the forest of east java mountains. Ganbate

  • Rudy Alfonsus 2 years ago

    thanks a lot to youtube. this video will not appear in cnn, fox , bbc etc due to harming the desert

  • Manish Kumar 2 years ago

    World should get a look at this achievement Nd d work of these guys

  • Rahim Tamer 2 years ago

    Great minds of Chinese nation will solve all the issues hopefully

  • Terri Jacobsen 2 years ago

    and trump tar made enimies with china. they are smarter than us.thir air is cleaner than ours. because they have their children work with with them.pretty damage good.nTerri

  • 马小桐 2 years ago

    Something positive in a country cannot always driven by those kind of short-sight capitalism and business profit. There must be some strong concentrated and proactive political forces to implement these 'future' projects for our decendents, as well as making our society growing in a sustainable way. So many people in western, in particular, holding the old concepts and blaming that there is no demorcracy and human right in China. As a Chinese, deep down, the development in this country not only constrainted in economic aspects, but also everying else…See? how many people have been lifted out of poverty every year ? how much efforts has communitists party done for keeping the justice of society and avoidence of elite ruling ? No brainer, huge evidences shown the way that a responsible governence should be.

  • Vinod Kumar Arora Arora 2 years ago

    Who ever, people or any country taking care of our beautiful planet earth, is a real Sant for me,,,,
    Long live to our Nature, The Nature give us everything, everything means everything,,, is our Real God, lord said I'm the Nature I'm everywhere, just be devotee to me, don't follow the Religions, follow the Nature, you Take Care the Nature and Nature will Care of you….
    Congratulations for this beautiful event to all of us,
    Good luck to________!

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