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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Amazing Edible Urban Garden in the Desert of Arizona. This is my edible urban garden in the Phoenix area of Arizona! Come with me on a journey of growing your own food at home here on my Vegan Athlete YouTube Channel! “Subscribe” today, hit “Like”, and “Share” our garden videos with your gardening friends! 🙂 Join My New Online Gardening School for at (Scroll to the Bottom) Visit my Gardening Store: Let’s Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is a month or a year at Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Email me at: Check out my other YouTube channels at: Music for this video is “Dhaka” by Kevin MacLeod with

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  • Mariana Levi 4 years ago

    This is amazing! I wish I had a garden…?

  • heatherryan108 4 years ago

    I really want to do this! I am in Southern California

  • Si Duong 4 years ago

    How's cold in the winter in your area? How can you protect all your plants you have??

  • Evelyne Beliveau 4 years ago

    this garden is AMAZING! :D?

  • Daniel Kim 4 years ago

    this was pretty freaking rad. subscribed!?

  • tresenglish 4 years ago

    Jake – Have you (will you) publish a plant list? A lot of these won't stand Tucson's cold temperatures, but some of them will. I would love to try some of them, but the particular variety matters.?

  • da112568 4 years ago

    WOW, I remember. Jake. You

  • Powell Gammill 4 years ago

    How do you like the taste of the ironwood seeds? I have enjoyed native mesquite pods and palo verde seeds, but have yet to try ironwood seeds.?

  • VOTE4TAJ 4 years ago

    Jake, wonderful soothing music. Should I consider this an invitation to settle in Phoenix. I was thinking of moving to somewhere like Rancho De Santa Fe, CA. Your garden is truly an inspiration.?

  • NAILUJFILMS 4 years ago

    wow I like … I love your work and it is amazing that plants grow up fruit in that deserted area … I live in Puerto Rico and many plants here do not give moisture and others do not give heat and the lemon here on the island lemons do not grow so abundant size and yours when I saw I was impressed. good friend I like your work ethic and cleanliness you have in your garden.?

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 4 years ago

    I grew Luffa gourds too.
    Fig trees will grow in climate zones 6, which is where I am growing. The figs started fruiting plump purple fruits after two years. I have the Chicago Hardy varieties.?

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 4 years ago


  • Marsha Balderrama 4 years ago

    hi Jake, very nice garden. how do you keep the birds from eating your figs! last year I only got 3 figs from my tree, the birds got the rest.!?

  • WESTCOASTSUR13 4 years ago

    What do you in the winter for all the trees that can't handle the cold??

  • Curtis Smith 4 years ago

    Nice video. I have been using your advice when picking out edible trees and plants for Phoenix. Thanks for telling me about Shamus. I buy most of my trees from him now.?

  • Hissage 4 years ago

    Very impressive! Are the trees too close to each other, especially the moringa, I read they grow very big?

  • Fox Mulder 4 years ago

    Since there are trees (so) close to each other I was wondering how will you manage your trees once they grow big. Cutting the branches seems to me a working solution only in the short term.?

  • TheBearded Gardener 4 years ago


  • juan arcos 4 years ago

    Great video :)?

  • VeganAthlete 4 years ago

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    Let's Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is $5 a month or $50 a year at