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If you are looking replace your thirsty grass lawn with something that is drought tolerant, pet friendly, super hardy, low maintenance, and you don’t have to mow?…this is one of the absolute BEST possible choices. Rushia lineolata ‘Nana’ commonly known as Dwarf Carpet of Stars has most of the other lawn alternatives beat by a landslide. It can take temps up to about 120 deg. F, so for you folks in those hotter climates, this is for you! It’s also hardy down to about 25 deg. F.

Ruschia is easy to plant and even easier to take care of. Buy Ruschia in flats and plant them about 6 inches apart and in about 5 months, you will have a full ‘carpet’ of a lawn to run and play on! It’s totally great for pets too!

Ruschia needs a good amount of water when it’s establishing (more info in video!), but after several weeks, it’s incredibly drought tolerant and only requires watering about every 7-10 days in the warmer months.

Make sure to prepare your area well and give it soil amendment if necessary. Be sure the soil is well-drained. Fertilizer is not always needed when planting Ruschia, but it does help keep the foliage super vibrant. Use a 15-15-15 fertilizer.

Thank you so much for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about Ruschia.

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Happy planting!

– Dom

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Amazing PET FRIENDLY No-Mow Lawn Substitute – Ruschia 'Nana' (Dwarf Carpet of Stars)

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