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  • MariaTeresa Rios 4 years ago

    plumerias are also called frangipangi

  • MariaTeresa Rios 4 years ago

    I saw a papaya tree struggling there

  • Sedenig123 4 years ago

    The black sapote is not a seedling, it is a grafted "Maher."

  • Vidal Antonio 4 years ago

    Is it illegal to buy a plant from Shamus and then drive it back to California? I really want to get ahold of some the mango trees he grows and gets some advice, but I've seen signs along the highways going into California stating it is illegal to bring plants in from outside the state.

  • Bianca Barron 4 years ago

    Beautiful garden! Im in Vegas and I grow bananas, papaya, guavas, moringa, pitaya, and some others. How do you keep the leaves so nice looking despite the heat? here they get ruined by our spring winds, then the summer heat singes them. Do you find summer heat or winter freeze more challenging to your tropical garden. PS, do you have a book yet about planting tropicals in our harsh desert climates?? Please!! I love your garden and all your work SHaymus!!! Gives me hope to recreate my home country landscape:)

  • AikidoistAdventurest 4 years ago

    hey do you guys grow PAW PAW trees in Phoenix?

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